As of December 2021, there are more than 936 unicorns around the world and 35 decacorn startups with a valuation above $10 billion, spread out across different countries and industries -- according to business research firm CB Insights. China's ByteDance tops the list at valuation of $140 billion followed by Elon Musk's SpaceX at #2.

Tech VC firm Sequoia Capital, an early investor in Apple, Google, and Oracle, invested in at least nine of 2021's biggest unicorns -- Bytedance, Klarna, Canva, Nubank, BYJU'S, FTX, DJI Innovations, SHEIN, Bitmain.

U.S. and China together accounted for over 70% of the 35 biggest startups. The UK (3) was the next most-frequently listed headquarters, while Australia, Brazil, Germany, India and Sweden each had one of these unicorns on the list.

India has 48 unicorns as of  December 2021 and among top-25 Decacorns in the World edtech startup Byju's is the only Indian startup in the list with #13 position, at valuation of $21 billion.

Fintech and Artificial Intelligence are most invested sectors.

Rank # Company Valuation Country Category
1 Bytedance $140 Bn China Artificial intelligence
2 SpaceX $100.3 Bn U.S. Other
3 Stripe $95 Bn U.S. Fintech
4 Klarna $45.6 Bn Sweden Fintech
5 Canva $40 Bn Australia Internet software & services
6 Instacart $39 Bn U.S. Supply chain, logistics, & delivery
7 Databricks $38 Bn U.S. Data management & analytics
8 Revolut $33 Bn UK Fintech
9 Nubank $30 Bn Brazil Fintech
10 Epic Games $28.7 Bn U.S. Other
11 Chime $25 Bn U.S. Fintech
12 FTX $25 Bn China (Hong Kong) Fintech
13 BYJU's $21 Bn India Edtech
14 Xiaohongshu $20 Bn China E-commerce & direct-to-consumer
15 J&T Express $20 Bn Indonesia Supply chain, logistics, & delivery
16 Fanatics $18 Bn U.S. E-commerce & direct-to-consumer
17 Yuanfudao $15.5 Bn China Edtech
18 DJI Innovations $15 Bn China Hardware
19 SHEIN $15 Bn China E-commerce & direct-to-consumer
20 $15 Bn UK Fintech

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