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There is an exciting new development taking place in the world of cryptocurrencies with the launch of the first utilimeme, TORG. The cryptocurrency, which has already got listed on more than twenty centralized exchanges across the world, has a unique utility-focus. This focus is linked to its mission to put advanced financial technology in the service of mankind.

It is potentially a game-changer. With over 15,000 cryptocurrencies having been launched across the world, it was becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate one from the others. Each new meme coin has been following in the footsteps of others before it. They have all exhibited a similar path of attracting the attention of the cryptocurrency communities and focusing on getting rich with the rapid growth in value. However, beyond this, these meme coins have demonstrated little or no relevance for everyday usage.

Realizing this gap, TORG has embarked on an exciting new course for cryptocurrencies, which focuses on enabling utility for the cryptocurrency users. It does this by allowing TORG holders to make payments for goods and services with it. A growing number of daily-life use-cases involving crypto payments with TORG will be possible.

The first tangible step in this direction has already been taken with TORG’s recent integration with CoinPayments. As a result, TORG users are now able to pay for goods and services using the cryptocurrency.

Indeed mass adoption is the basic requirement for any technology to realise its impact and utilimeme is no different. In the upcoming days, the TORG Foundation aims to list the utility-focused cryptocurrency on some of the most recognised and widely used exchanges in the world. Since its listing on many centralized exchanges (CEXs) namely MEXC Global, Bithumb Global, BitMart, AAX,, DigiFinex, BitForex, etc. The Crypto community’s interest in holding and trading TORG has been evident since its ongoing listing activities.

Given the strategic new direction set by TORG, and the huge gap in utility focus among cryptocurrencies, we are likely to see a rapid emergence of other utilimemes in a short time frame. TORG’s launch can be seen as a watershed moment in the evolution of cryptocurrencies and expects more utilimemes to emerge in its wake. TORG is trailblazing a new course for cryptocurrencies, which focuses on enabling utility for the crypto users. Realizing the potential for transformative change in economic opportunities across the world, it feels there is more to be gained by collaborating rather than competing with new utilimemes. Therefore, it is aiming to support upcoming utilimemes as part of furthering its mission of contributing to human development using advanced financial technology.

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