Totality Corp, a playable NFT gaming startup with a Confluence of Indian mythology in the gaming metaverse known as ZionVerse, has launched its first Playable NFT, Goddess Lakshmi NFT Lootbox, which focuses on giving monetary reward incentives, a robust community, and game-play. Users will be able to earn monetary rewards and gain access to the gaming platform, which will include play-to-earn games, through the NFT. The company is also launching a brand campaign about ZionVerse, a fully decentralised metaverse gaming ecosystem that includes DeFi, playable NFTs, Play to Earn, and a planetary DAO.

The project is based on Indian culture, and it aims to bring the richness of these old legends to life by making them interactive and accessible to everyone. Therefore, the Lakshmi NFT lootbox consist of Asht-Lakshmi models (8-3D avatars) and 3D model of Ganesha along with spatial music based on the rarity of the NFT. Lakshmi, as the goddess of fortune, represents wealth and prosperity. Similarly, the Lakshmi NFT opens the door to a slew of other gifts and bonus prizes in addition to the regular monthly awards, all of which contribute to life's prosperity and abundance.

Speaking on the NFT launch, an excited Anshul Rustaggi, Founder, Totality Corp, said, “We're bringing Indian culture and mythology to the forefront in a way that everyone can understand through this project. Our main goal is to build a strong, diverse community that shares our passion for NFTs gameplay and mythology. In India, the NFT gaming industry is relatively young, and with more and more people flocking to cryptocurrencies, there is enormous potential for employing NFTs in gaming to build and extend the country's NFT gaming ecosystem.”

Users will own their intellectual property and digital assets in the ZionVerse metaverse. To get hands on this NFT, one requires Lakshmi NFT website account along with a Valid account for transactions. It also has monetary value for its users. They will be able to exchange their NFTs with other ZionVerse members as well as other platforms such as OpenSea.

About Totality:

Totality Media Pvt. Ltd, (better known as Totality Corp) founded in 2019, is an Indian company that is wholly owned by Totality Corp PTE Ltd, a Singapore firm. Anshul Rustaggi, ex-hedge fund manager, lawyer and gaming aficionado, has founded Totality Corp. The company was founded with the intention of capitalizing on the Global gaming market, whilst building it from the great tech and gaming resource pool of India. Totality Corp believes that people are more engaged in the digital world and spend the majority of their time in it. It is, therefore, critical to improve digital experiences by converting transactional and social status experiences into holistic experiences that allow people to earn, spend, communicate, deal, and socialise in their daily lives.



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