Photo Caption:Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd

The renowned industrialist was one of the inaugural speakers at the global virtual conclave, Aarambh #1 - Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability’, which was organised by IACC and TEFF on December 17; it addressed burning environmental issues and offered small yet impactful solutions

The one-day global virtual conclave of ‘Aarambh #1 – Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability’, conducted by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) Pune, in collaboration with The Eco Factory Foundation (TEFF) on December 17, was a resounding success. With that, the conclave came as a ray of hope for over 1000 participants, who by the end of the event were left with food for thought of addressing the environmental issues that our planet is facing.

The event, which was divided into five sessions, had around 25 eminent speakers, who spoke ab climate about change, renewable energies, sustainable finance, green buildings, and adopting green measures to ensure sustainable development.

Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd, one of the inaugural speakers, praised the initiative and its theme based on sustainability. Stressing on the need for bioeconomy and decarbonisation, Dr Chaudhari, who is popularly referred to as the ‘Ethanol Man’, said, “India’s stride in bioeconomy in recent times has caught the imagination of the world and undoubtedly the government’s progressive strategic interventions have played a big role in it.” He added, “With advanced technologies, progressive policies, robust industry ecosystem and abundant availability of bio-based feedstock, India is bound to become energy self-sufficient in the near future and the country’s bioeconomy is poised to leapfrog.”

Apart from touching on topics of climate and sustainability issues impacting countries and trade, the sessions at ‘Aarambh #1 – Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability’ were handpicked and delved on some of the crucial focus areas that can drive the mission of sustainability, which included the industrial sector.

Elaborating on the reason the conclave focused on the industrial sector, Ms Rujuta Jagtap, Chairperson, IACC Pune, 20-21, Convenor Aarambh#1 and Owner, SAJ Test Plant Pvt Ltd, said, “One of the lesser-known facts is that industries are one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG), representing almost 30% of global emissions. It is an alarming fact and needs to be resolved before the situation gets out of hand. We need the industries to become more climate-resilient. Incidentally, our first session Climate Actions: Role of Industries spoke highly of how we can build sustainable industries and create an environment of inclusiveness and foster innovation.

Aarambh #1 , is the ‘first’ exclusive global conference on ‘Sustainability’ by The Indo American Chamber of Commerce,Pune, which is clearly just the beginning where we are creating awareness and giving deeper insights into some of the areas of SUSTAINABILITY, and there would be a follow on series on this Subject each year, where we would cover the other areas under this wide subject like:
  • Water conservation
  • Urban and rural green revolution
  • Start-ups in the sustainable space
  • Smart cities etc 
Which would definitely be taken up in ‘AARAMBH #2.0’, which we will announce soon, and this hopefully would be a physical event in Pune.”

Seconding her on that, Mr Anand Chordia, Founder of TEFF, added, “Aarambh translates to a new beginning, and this is what I precisely feel about our conclave. It’s a commencement of a new era where we are sowing the seeds of sustainability. Since the industrial sector provides livelihood to many, we focussed on MSMEs, SMEs and larger-scale organizations among others, to create a consciousness that will cause a triggering effect of positive change. We are sure that this conclave will inspire all to embrace sustainable ways,”

The one-day virtual conclave, which took place between 2 pm-9.30 pm, was also attended by Mr Kapil Kaul, National President, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC); Mr Saurabh Shah, Regional President, Western India Council, IACC and Ms Prajakta Kotasthane, Chairperson, IACC Pune, 21-22 Managing Director at Shriram Rubber Products among other distinguished speakers at the conclave. The diverse perspectives on sustainability voiced by the eminent speakers and eco-warriors are expected to not only create awareness but also drive newer projects as the need of the hour is to take climate actions on war footing to conserve our environment.

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