Ever since the pandemic, hybrid work environments have become the norm. This has presented corporations with a new set of challenges that require innovative solutions. One obvious challenge has been the uncertainty surrounding corporate travel, made worse by the communication gaps in a hybrid work environment. This is where TrackEx comes in. With automated approval procedures for travel, integrated cloud solutions, and convenient tracking of expenses and employee expenditure, TrackEx smooths out all the obstacles created by hybrid work environments and brings order back to the new normal.

TrackEx aims to make businesses more efficient by facilitating smoother functioning though innovative solutions. Mr. Vedavyas Komara, CEO of TrackEx has elucidated that “The objective of the company is to implement the vision and mission of the company and leading the development of the company’s short- and long-term strategy.” It simplifies the approval procedure for corporate travel and guarantees a faster response time by aautomating the travel approval process, which is an excellent way of ensuring compliance without any hassle. It creates an approval matrix based on the organizational hierarchy and receives real-time notifications. This is necessary and useful pparticularly for the remote and hybrid/full-time work environments, as it enables approval or decline of travel requests from anywhere, using any device. TrackEx makes traveling smoother for employees by eliminating the irregularity in schedules of flights and costs. Thus, businesses following hybrid/full-time work culture can rely on TrackEx services for data that lets them know which flights are more likely to be on time.

Another much needed service during these times is TrackEx’s integrated cloud solution which facilitates reviewing and approving business expenditures in real-time. This can be a boon for the companies following hybrid/full-time work culture, especially in the post-Covid times. Moreover, monitoring and reviewing business performance and expenses are imperative for companies following hybrid/full-time work culture.

TrackEx helps companies monitor performance in order to identify opportunities and gain some insight into how the business responds to the changing environment. It helps companies decide on the changes that need to be incorporated. Given the uncertainties that most businesses are facing during these unprecedented times, monitoring performance this way has become more important than ever to respond to the constant changes. The power of analytics can be a beneficial tool for understanding employee expenditure behaviours and using the information for future decision making even in remote or hybrid or full-time work environments for that matter.

TrackEx improves decision-making with powerful analytics. It swiftly spots possible problems and makes better decisions. TrackEx helps companies receive data from multiple business expenditures and obtain a crisp summary in a single dashboard. Thus, changing the finance team into the finance-intelligent team. Essentially, TrackEx creates solutions that facilitate efficient and smooth functioning of hybrid/full-time work environments, which is undeniable the need of the hour in the corporate world.

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