, one of India’s fastest-evolving AI-powered contact centers, is empowering modern-day contact centers to deliver an optimized customer and agent experience, efficiently resolving customers’ issues via voice and other digital channels. Unlike a traditional voice bot,’s voice automation empathizes with the customer and is equipped to provide unique and creative solutions to the problem apart from handling routine queries such as a change of address, bill payment, shipment tracking, or balance inquiries.

Dr Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder, Rezo

Built on’s Enterprise-Grade platform,’s truly vernacular solution supports 9 languages in voice and several languages in text.’s tenacious contact center solution automates up to 80% of calls and chats without ever reaching a live agent, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a superior customer experience. In case of more complex customer queries, the system assists a live agent by analyzing calls and interactions; coaching and training agents.

The solution collects historical data from customer interactions, such as transcripts and recordings, and feeds it into’s engine which recognizes the intent, vocabulary, nuances, and variations of the conversation in order to offer tailored responses in real-time. It then constructs and configures voice processes based on the data obtained, with a strong design, development, and feedback loop. Once the customized solution is created, the solution integrates it across the client’s multiple channels to automate the entire customers’ journeys. Having processed over 6 million minutes of training data (voice recordings) so far, the platform delivers higher consistency, better accuracy, more compliance, and faster resolution times.

“Customer contact centers or call centers are integral for operational success as they bridge the gap between the consumer and the enterprise. Voice is still the go-to medium for customer query resolution as customers scout a personalized touch and voice interactions offer a true sense of trust and proximity. Seeing an ever-increasing demand for our solution in the recent past, we are geared up with more and more innovative use-cases for voice automation, especially across healthcare, logistics, and the BFSI industry”, said Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder,

“Our AI-powered contact center has proven to be extremely beneficial for businesses across sectors, particularly in recent times when companies operated with scrunched teams. We equipped our clients to handle an influx of customer queries with as low as 1/3rd of their usual CC representatives. That too, across channels such as chat, email, social and voice. Our one-of-a-kind platform allows organizations to reimagine their customer service delivery, ensuring that they are offering the best possible support while maximizing the use of their resources, including human agents.” added Manish Gupta, CEO & Co-founder,

About is India’s fastest evolving AI-powered contact center transforming businesses with its turnkey services for quick scalability and better economics.

Founded in 2017 by an IITian couple - Manish and Rashi Gupta, is powered by Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Predictive Intelligence, and other proprietary algorithms. With, businesses can look at strengthening their contact center capabilities and scaling without worries about customer experience (CX).

Rezo is helping organizations transform traditional contact centers into modern AI-powered contact centers. AI-powered contact centers enable automated interactions across multiple channels – email, chat, voice, and social and support 100+ languages. Rezo also helps analyze customer–agent interactions, coach and train agents and enhance the customer experience within the build RPA.

With a strong presence in India and expansion plans for the US and the Middle East, is moving ahead with high vigor to empower businesses across the globe with its AI-powered contact center. Backed by a team of world-class Ph.D.'s, data scientists, engineers, and futuristic technology, the company is delivering business success to hundreds of companies across industries such as Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare, Automobile, Education, and Travel.

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