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Plutoverse, an avatar technology company is the latest entrant into the Indian Metaverse sector, is already creating ripples with the announcement of its first virtual avatar for adults called DeerDost. The virtual avatar who made his Instagram debut as @DeerDost will be seen in India’s first adult animated Web series. He lives in Mumbai and like any young adult experiencing the sights and sounds of the city in the midst of the Loneliness Pandemic.

The series is built in a futuristic version of Mumbai and talks about how everyone deals with anger, sadness, anxiety, depression. These feelings hurt but they aren’t bad. If we accept them, we can grow and accept the good feelings too. The story revolves around DeerDost, a quintessential Mumbai 20-year old, who hangs about with his friends and lives out his life in the virtual world. Having spent the past 18 months watching the world go by through his screens, he finally stepped out of home only to realise that the world seemed to be steeped in a much deadlier disease – the Loneliness epidemic. The series will shine light on the mental health struggles of the GenZ in a quirky manner that echoes with them. In the future, not only will the audience get to see the world of Deerdost through a screen, they will also be able to experience the world firsthand through AR and VR technology.

DeerDost is parented by Plutoverse, an Indian Avatar technology company, focused on creating a metaverse of homegrown virtual avatars relatable to the country’s GenZ. In their own words, Plutoverse is a bunch of extraordinarily talented and passionate misfits who have come together to create an Avatar metaverse of great virtual avatars driven stories, virtual avatars, and celebrity & brand virtual avatars.

Speaking about the virtual avatars and his role in the current times, Prashant Sharma, Co-founder, Plutoverse opined, “We believe that the GenZ needs to be engaged in conversations using more interesting tools. Usage of artificial intelligence, virtual influencers, synthetic media of storytelling and so on can endear a complex topic like mental health far more than counselling.

In this series, we’re going to show a satirical futuristic Mumbai that imagines what the city might look like if our societal issues keep getting worse. And we’re going to wrap it all up in a funny and exciting sci-fi action comedy adventure.

A large part of the current generation thinks and expresses differently, and traditional methods may not work for them. We are moving towards a world where the audience would like to live in the story worlds that they are experiencing and we are confident that DeerDost in his metaverse of friends and situations will resonate with the GenZ, and it can create a good ambience to spark relevant conversations. At Plutoverse, our ultimate aim is to create virtual identities for every Individual and make India Metaverse ready. These identities of individuals, celebrities, brands can be used across games, social platforms, virtual worlds etc.”

Coming soon from the land of Plutoverse will be some more original virtual avatars, virtual versions of icons from Bollywood and Sports, virtual worlds and so on. The company will soon introduce various touch points for the virtual avatars such as NFTs, digital goods, animated shows, virtual concerts, and so on.


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