Totality Corp, a startup for Playable NFT’s Gaming Universe celebrated this Diwali with real zeal and uniqueness. As Diwali is not just a festival of light but also a celebration of prosperity and abundance. Considering the true essence of this auspicious festival, the Web3 startup celebrates the relations with its employees by gifting them crypto currencies and wishing them a prosperous life ahead.

Since Web3 is going to be the future of digital ecosystem and crypto currencies are going to become more valuable as the Web3 adoption increases. Totality Corp’s vision is to create robust growth of Web3 in the near future. In addition, the company’s innovative decision of gifting Crypto currency to its employees is to build wealth in the best way possible.

On this innovative idea, an excited Anshul Rustaggi, Founder, Totality Corp, said, “There are many great ways to show gratitude to our employees via gift hampers, gold coins, salary bonuses but we wanted to be innovative and share the most abundant and prosperous thing we know off – crypto currencies and investing in the future of Web3.”

Anshul Rustaggi
He further added that, “we wanted to share prosperity and abundance with our team who stood by us to build this company and executed our vision. Therefore we hope this Diwali, Crypto truly light up the lives of our employees because they are worth it!”

According to the company, the internet businesses in Web2 have already shown that digital businesses are all about abundance, compared to traditional businesses where a Zero sum game mentality exits. Thus, Web3 is considered to be the most abundant and prosperous in human history so far and with this small gesture of gifting Crypto as a gifting option for our all employees makes us really excited.

About Totality:

Totality Media Pvt. Ltd, (better known as Totality Corp) founded in 2019, is an Indian company that is wholly owned by Totality Corp PTE Ltd, a Singapore firm. Anshul Rustaggi, ex-hedge fund manager, lawyer and gaming aficionado, has founded Totality Corp. The company was founded with the intention of capitalizing on the Global gaming market, whilst building it from the great tech and gaming resource pool of India. Totality Corp believes that people are more engaged in the digital world and spend the majority of their time in it. It is, therefore, critical to improve digital experiences by converting transactional and social status experiences into holistic experiences that allow people to earn, spend, communicate, deal, and socialize in their daily lives. As Web3 gaming permits all of the above, the company will be launching Zion Verse, its Web3 universe soon.



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