Ad-free entertainment platform Vodra on Monday announced a “no-fee” ecosystem for content creators, enabling creatives to earn 100 percent of the revenue from donations and incentivized crowdsourced funding.

Creators simply set up a profile on Vodra, which can be displayed on and integrated into existing creator platforms where audiences already are, allowing them to solicit direct-from-fan support with no fees, regardless of the size of the contributions. Additionally, creators receive a portion of $VDR tokens based on the size of their audience when they join, adding an additional source of income. Unlike most content monetization models, Vodra’s efforts are supported by increasing the value of the $VDR token rather than by taking a percentage of creators’ income.

"Blockchain technology has allowed us to build an ecosystem in which all users are fairly rewarded for their participation, so that creators benefit directly from the growth of the platform" explained Zachary Bys, Co-Founder of Vodra. “Unlike other models, our primary users are our foremost stakeholders, which ensures that the platform serves their interests rather than faceless shareholders."

Additionally, Vodra makes it easy for creators to earn without having to leverage third-party and sometimes manipulative advertising models. Instead, creators have control over their content and are driven by a direct creator to audience relationship rather than creator to an advertiser to the audience.

"Creators are constantly under pressure to tailor their content in an effort to appease advertisers and keep their content monetized,” said Conner Romanov, Co-founder of Vodra. “Vodra allows creators to monetize their passions without sacrificing creativity as they would have to while contending with the existing advertising-based model. Our decentralized platform is shifting online entertainment compensation towards a direct creator-to-audience participation model; this brings the interests of both creators and audiences to the forefront."

Creator profiles are designed to be linked to existing entertainment platforms such as in a video description, creator bio, Livestream panel, or pop-up. Alternatively, audiences can browse through popular creators and projects directly on the Vodra Platform. Creators will also have the option to showcase leaderboards with their top fans and designate certain rewards for their primary supporters. These options encourage a direct, fee-free connection between audience members and creators, which is mutually beneficial.


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