UNIREC launches new collection of clothing made from recycled PET bottles

UNIREC enters into an eco-friendly clothing space with a new range of products including t-shirts, shirts, trousers, blazers/jackets and accessories made from recycled plastic

Plastic waste has serious repercussions towards ecological health but recycling it for better use can be friendly towards nature. One such area where recycling has been put to good use is in the manufacture of fibre which can be successfully converted into fabric. Successfully turning plastic waste into a sustainable material seems questionable but UNIREC has bridged that gap. Sustainable fashion is a process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system for an improved ecological integrity and welfare. The most popular fabric, polyester, can be procured from the plastic water bottles scattered in a shape of environmental hazard around us. This polyester fabric can then be blended with other fabrics like cotton and viscose and create comfortable apparels which can be used on a daily basis. UNIREC launches a new collection of clothing made from recycled PET bottles. UNIREC is one of the first sustainable garment brand manufacturing garments and uniforms out of recycled PET bottles..

The fabric procured by UNIREC’S partners is registered under the Global Recyclable Standard certification, thereby ensuring the genuineness of the product. Its range includes t-shirts, shirts, trousers, blazers/jackets and other accessories. The growth in the product line has been incredible in a very short period of time and demand for the material has grown massively. However, the prime focus of the company is to preserve the environment while maintaining and delivering a decent fashion trend. UNIREC has an outstanding collection of elegant and pocket friendly formal jackets, sleeveless jackets and trousers.


The average consumption of plastic per person is around 28kg globally. While this consumption per person is at 11kg in India, it is still amongst the top 20 consumers of plastic globally. The industrial use of plastic for the manufacturing of goods and products can only be justified if there is no plastic waste. Plastic waste alone causes exponential damage to the environment and hence calls for its proper disposal. Hence, UNIREC came up with an idea to mingle fashion and plastic recycling and transformed process that not only decreases the damage on planet earth but also helps people adapt to a sustainable sense of clothing.

Mr. Kapil Bhatia, CEO & Founder, UNIREC speaking on the launch of the new line said, “I have been in the garment industry for over 20 years now, and for more than 15 years have been manufacturing workwear and uniforms for small to very large corporates. However, never before the impact of environment and climate change been bigger and more important for the entire human race. While plastic and its products definitely have its own benefits, it is the disposal of the same that is causing a massive impact on our environment.

We have therefore launched UNIREC, as one of India’s first sustainable brands making garments from recycled plastic bottles. Not only these garments which are recycled fabrics, the carbon footprint generated from these is almost 30% lower than that from normal garments. These garments are as breathable, durable and comfortable to wear as any other garments that we purchase in our day to day life. Please remember sustainability is not an option but it is our DUTY. At UNIREC , we pledge to work towards a simple objective to reduce carbon footprint one person at a time, one garment at a time."

The products from UNIREC can be purchased from their official website https://www.unirecstore.com.

About UNIREC - 

UNIREC is an organization which makes garments and workwear/uniforms made from fabrics which are made from recycled PET bottles. These fabrics are procured from our partners who are registered under the GRS (Global Recyclable Standard) certification, thereby ensuring the genuineness of the fabrics procured by us. Our product range includes t-shirts, shirts, trousers, blazers/jackets and accessories. UNIREC has been launched with a singular aim of ensuring that plastic that is consumed by us stays in the economy and does not reach the environment. We are looking to ensure that our products made from recycled PET bottles are not only trendy and fashionable , but also make sure that every individual is now playing their part in protecting our oceans and our environment.

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