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Cheran Colleges joined hands with Authlink to set up a digitized, partially automated and efficient system to create, process and issue certificates for its students. The move was also welcomed by the faculty and students alike, particularly considering the restrictions placed during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

Cheran Colleges, based in Tamil Nadu, India, has been taking a futuristic approach towards education for the past few years. The institution operates with a clear vision to motivate students with high ethical standards and deliver quality education. In order to create a unified learning environment, trigger personal development and prepare students for the real world, the institution takes a contemporary approach towards learning. It is as part of this value-based approach that Cheran Colleges is updating its existing systems digitally and encouraging innovations in the education sector.

The traditional certificate management system that was in place earlier at Cheran Colleges came with several limitations. Costs added up while printing the certificates, especially due to the need for implementing security measures for the same. A lot of manpower was consumed over several weeks to get all the certificates prepared on time for issual. Furthermore, the college administration office struggled with the excess workload during the certificate authentication period. It was also mandatory for students to be physically present at the institution to receive the authenticated certificates, which turned out to be a hassle. Moreover, it was quite difficult to get the certificates replaced when required.

Cheran Colleges sought assistance from Authlink to develop a digital certification system as an all-encompassing solution to the problems. The newly established system has strengthened the security of the certificates while also striking out excessive printing costs. The college officials have been able to issue certificates for a large number of students across the country all at once with ease. The blockchain-driven certificates generated on the Authlink platform are easily verifiable and can be authenticated within a matter of minutes. Also, students are now able to handle all their certificate management efforts digitally in the comfort of their own homes. The system has also opened a digital channel for students to connect with their institutions better, particularly by creating interactive digital experiences.

Authlink’s collaboration with Cheran Colleges is no doubt promising and is a stepping-stone for educational institutions looking to transform their existing systems.


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