Not sure how you can utilize Jira in the best possible ways? Follow us to get the perfect guidance and tips.

Jira is an impactful tool, but many people are not very familiar with its full aspects. To get the maximum benefits from Jira, you need to make the most out of it.

Here are some important tips on how you can make the maximum out of Jira.

Utilize filter subscriptions for reminders.

A filter subscription is the best way to get notifications regarding the tasks to complete. Initially, you have to make a Jira issue and assign it to yourself only. After that, incorporate a due date. Then make a filter to find all the issues which are due for the next number of days. Next, just save it as a new filter. Ultimately make a filter subscription which you can send as an email when a due date is coming. This is appropriate for recurring tasks, Jira maintenance items etc.

Make the workflow you are using as your model

One of the major mistakes people make while incorporating Jira is to model certain ideal workflow with constraints and specific transitions. If this workflow does not complement the actual process of work done by the business, a lot of friction will be produced and dismantle the Jira adoption as well. So choose a workflow that goes with the reality of your operations.

Make project aggregation effortlessly.

Often people are afraid of creating projects on a single board. But this can be done easily. Create your projects to support the teams working for you, and then create specific boards on top of that to provide an overview which the stakeholders will need.

Make your personal dashboards.

To make the most out of Jira, make sure you create a customizable dashboard for your personal use so that when you enter Jira, you get a proper view of the elements you need to see.

Limit the required fields.

Sometimes the task never matches the complexity of the operations, which can cause further issues in the operations. So make sure the effort given behind making a task complements the complexity of the work that is being described.

Decrease the quality required to make a task. Enhance the quality required to make the task workable.

Forming a task should not be your top priority, so enhance the task with information over time. Make sure there is a no or low barrier for creating a task. Later you can add certain requirements to make it workable.

Form a personal board for your own purpose.

Utilizing a filter can create a board just for you, so take the tasks which you are interested in. Segregating this board from your project boards will help in keeping your operations well managed.

Don’t ignore the control chart.

Spontaneous improvement is required for better functioning. That is why make sure to keep an eye on the control chart, as it will help in giving you a clear view of the outcome of your projects. Make sure you check it out before going into a retrospective.

Jira is a comprehensive platform and making the most out of it sometimes can be an overwhelming task. Make sure your Jira marketplace workflows are well managed by following the above-mentioned tips.

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