Adobe has rolled out an update to Google Chrome's Acrobat extension. Post this update, users will be able to edit PDF files within the browser itself. Earlier the extension only allowed users to view, copy and perform various other tasks on PDF documents.

The updated extension is simply called “Adobe Acrobat” and is automatically added to Google Chrome while installing the security update, though it require users to enable it when launching the browser.

Also available on Microsoft Edge, the new Adobe Acrobat PDF tools solve a age-old problem for users everywhere, allowing a much smoother way to view and edit PDF documents directly in the browser.

Uptil now users had to either open a new app on the desktop or search a web-app to edit PDF. But now with this new update, users can comment, mark up, fill in, and do more, including sign in, on PDF files directly from the browser window.

The updated extension will also allow users to rotate, delete, or reorder PDF pages to optimise viewing and printing, transform a PDF to a Microsoft Word document and retain formatting. You'll also be able to convert web pages into PDF, preserving layout, formatting, and links - saving major headaches for users everywhere.

However, if you want to delete certain pages from PDF file then membership is required. According to the particular support page, the new features were made available sometime in August. But the company is now showing extra tools.

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