AI School of India announced the launch of India’s first AI LAB with a global curriculum to provide students transformational Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Coding learning experiences.

AI World School is the technology provider to AI School of India for the AI LAB. The AI curriculum is specially curated by Engineers & Educators of AI School of India, trained and certified by ISTE, USA, Intel, IBM, and Professors from Oxford University UK and Graz University of Technology, Austria.

Designed around the “5 Big Ideas” – Perception, Comprehension, Learning, Natural Interaction and Impact of AI as proposed by the USA based AI4K12 task force led by Dr David Touretzky Carnegie Mellon University, these courses are also aligned to CBSE and ATL- NASSCOM framework. The AI4K12 initiative is joint project of CSTA, AAAI, CMU and National Science Foundation (NSF) Govt of USA.

According to Suresh Gurunathan, VP at AI School of India, the National Education Policy - NEP 2020 and CBSE have all highlighted the importance of Coding and AI in order to enable students to be Future Ready. Leading Schools like Banyan, BVM Global and others across the country want to stay ahead of the curve in introducing AI concepts to students and have started working with us for AI LAB and Robotics. As a part of AI LAB, AI School of India will provide infrastructure, curriculum content, with access to the cloud and AI training to students using existing Computer Lab in schools.

“As AI becomes mainstream, futuristic organisations will require talent with skill sets that are very different from those existing now and need to match international standards. Hence, we at AI School of India brought in the global AI & coding curriculum to help Educators and Schools who are integral to the skilling revolution taking root in the country” AISI, Chairman Mr A S Ramana Prasad said.

AI LAB initiative uses the blended learning methodology to translate AI concepts into simple & easy to understand learning experiences while incorporating fun, creativity & collaboration & also maintaining an ethical, empathetic & inclusive flavor. Students from Grade 4 to Grade 12 can use the AI LAB to learn Human AI Interaction, Machine Learning, Neural Networking, Decision Trees, Python, Natural Language processing etc.

About AI School of India

AISI is an online self-directed and tutor led learning platform providing AI & Coding technology to students at home, to women at home and to schools.

The AI courses have been specially curated for students from ages 7 to 18, with guidance from leading global experts in education, robotics, and computer science.

The project-based curriculum provides for hands-on AI learning experiences and is built by our team of experienced AI experts.

The courses are designed to be fun, creative, collaborative, ethical, empathetic, inclusive, purposeful, and for social good.

The AI courses are being offered globally and is quite popular both in India and in USA.

AISI is headquartered in Chennai and is a business unit of Meritus AI Learning Experiences Pvt Ltd.

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