Biometric data to scan faces quicker is an added advantage for fastening up the onboarding process in your sports betting lounge from now. Processing customers’ data quicker, in a secured way is important for the online betting lounges, where thousands of global bettors wager day in and day out. An automated process for verification can help, provided it is equally enforced with a manual setting for oversight. That is where the IDnow ID Verification Platform comes for your assistance.

Betting and gambling account age criteria

Sports betting casinos and gambling casinos have to follow the rules and regulations of their regulatory body that warrant verification of the players' age. At the same time, there is a need to beat cybercriminals and also boost conversion rates. To do this with clinical precision, you need the industry's leading identity verification software. The ranking and rating of gambling and sports betting platforms online largely depends upon the terms and conditions and certification to prove that it is a legitimate and safe platform for participation.

At the same time, people from all over the world are going to play every day, looking into the prospects of hitting the jackpot and finding a treasure trove. If that is the case, managing the casino operations is going to be a challenging task not only for the owner but also for the technical crew in the backend. On the contrary, when you have the verification identity software already installed on your platform, then it is going to be a simple task for you to conform to the regulatory board rules.

To become completely compliant with the terms and conditions that are international standards for running a sports betting platform, you will need a sophisticated and functional unit installed on your gambling and sports betting websites. When you are going to send this link to your customers, they will click on the link to get approval to continue their membership with your gambling platform.

Don’t miss a genuine prospective casino member

It is as simple as that. If the information provided by the prospective member is completely reliable, it is authenticated for use on the gambling platform. Not, they do not fulfil the criteria to enter the platform, which can be an age factor or any other kind of specified factor. Now it has become an automatic process for the casino operator to verify the number of credentials that keep coming in every day, from different prospective members.

The verification software comes in handy because it boosts the conversion ratio of your gambling business website and also provides complete safety from the hacking bot. When you are going to choose the suitable package and model for pricing, then the verification link can be installed on your website effortlessly. By doing so, you are reducing the amount of time and effort required for a manual review of the prospective members' profiles.

The onboarding process is just going to take a few seconds, which is always appreciated by the prospective members of the gambling and sports betting platform. They are coming with a lot of curiosity to participate in the tournament, and they do not want to look into alternative options that are faster than your platform. In that way, the IDnow ID Verification Platform is going to give you more businesses to compete with peers, because it reduces the onboarding process to a few seconds.

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