Edtech Startup, DataTrained has recently announced the appointment of Farhad Khan as CTO. In his new role, he will aim to enable Datatrained to provide the best learning experience toto help students seamlessly go through their learning journey.

Farhad holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has been working in the tech world for just 8 years. Despite being so young, he has achieved familiarity with several programming languages. According to him, programming languages are not an issue, the ability to code is the key skill a developer must focus on. Being a technology enthusiast, he is always on the lookout for a better solution to push forward the company's growth.

Previously he has been a serial entrepreneur where his first venture was an information technology and outsourcing company which he started with an aim to enable Indian businesses with technology and expand online. During his career, he saw the gap between the skills of the youth and the industry's skill demands which pushed him to start his second venture to enable the youth with the right skills for better career growth placing their students at an average package of 7.2 LPA in their first year of operation.

When asked about his work and thoughts on his new role at Datatrained he said, "I use tech to solve business problems. Right now, I am focused on revolutionizing education in India". Just a precise and clear outcome a company can demand from its Chief Technology Officer. "I am very intrigued with Datatrained's mission to charge up youth with new generation skills required by the rapidly changing industry requirements. Specialized courses offered at Datatrained are very carefully designed and are equipped with adequate skillsets with help in bridging the gap between the freshers' skillsets and the demand of the industry. As CTO, I aim to enable Datatrained to provide the best learning experience to help students seamlessly go through their learning journey".

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