This Diwali, Cadbury is letting customers promote their local stores in Cadbury Celebrations ad by creating an advertisement for their local stores for free with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan in it. 

Using a dedicated AI-powered website '', Cadbury allows you to recreate the the  face of superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his voice to take the local store’s name in the ad. The company is said to be using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the website.

Available in both Hindi & English, the website notes that the Cadbury has partnered with, A Bangalore-based company that builds generative AI tools to ease video creation. says it is different from deepfakes as it creates “real videos from scratch."

With, has employed its AI tools to create a digital avatar of Shah Rukh Khan who gave a hyper personalized reminder to people to buy from the local shops calling out each store’s name. Enabling local shops to promote themselves.


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