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Launched in 2019, the story of Skin Wellness brand - The Skin Story, is nothing short of a fairy tale. In a market crowded by thousands of ‘Me-too’ skincare brands, most of them with deceiving names based on Nature, Organics, Herbal, etc., and containing not an iota of anything natural; instead made completely of harmful chemicals, toxins, additives, etc. The Skin Story ensures it adds a layer of honesty & ethics as its primary ingredients in all its products.

A face is a person’s mirror, and the skin is a billboard. Shouting out what happens within, like a neon sign. Yes, everyone’s life is reflected in their epidermis; An infant’s skin in taut, soft & supple, reflecting the years of nurture & nourishment. A teenager’s skin is young & radiant, showcasing the transformation a body goes through in the growing years. A middle-aged person’s skin tires easily, announcing the inner bodily state - it pleads for care as years of hard work begin to take their toll. Finally, an old person’s skin is often loose & saggy, telling the story of years of work & experience & stress.

Whatever a person’s skin story is, it’s sure to shine from the face. An affluent & rich person’s skin would tell the story of a pampered & comfortable life, while the weathered & roughened skin of any person in a regular job would narrate the story of hardships that the person has to endure. However, every person has the right to have access to the best skincare designed for their needs. Because every person has a story, and every skin has a chapter. The most important story is being true to oneself and being comfortable in own skin. And this forms the foundation of the vision of a relatively new but increasingly becoming popular skincare brand – The Skin Story.
The Skin Story – Enabling Holistic Skincare Through Natural Ingredients & Ethical Vision.

As the name suggests, the brand aims to nurture the skin from within to make it beautiful & healthy from outside and within; the brand believes that skincare is not about hiding flaws & blemishes under heavy makeup but is about healing and providing adequate care to the skin. The Skin Story aims to ensure a happy journey for every skin’s story.

The company is averse to cutting corners & delivering any product that does not align with its mission of ethical skincare. It is worthy to mention that all the products are not only made with the purest of ingredients but are also extensively dermatologically tested, both in-house and at NABL accredited labs, so that they perfectly suit your skin type and there are no unwanted effects in the long run.

Though focused primarily on women, the brand is not limited to catering to only one gender as many of its skincare products are known to work well on the skin types & textures of both males & females.

Products That Do Wonders

The Skin Story Pimple Spot Corrector Gel - Developed using a special scientifically proven concoction of Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Zinc and Niacinamide, the gel helps to eliminate pimples and pimple marks.
The Skin Story Under Eye Gel - The gel promotes antioxidants and increases collagen to defend against UV exposure, reduces under-eye bags, puffiness and dark circles, and renews thin, delicate skin around the eyes.
The Skin Story Illuminating Day Cream - The day cream has a non-greasy formula and minimises the appearance of pores, reduces pigmentation, freckles, spots and mattifies the skin. It comes with SPF 15 that helps protect against harmful UV rays that contribute to ageing and many other factors.
The Skin Story Hydrating Gel Mask - The Skin Story Hydrating & Soothing Gel Mask provides deep moisturization to the face giving it a glowing and dewy finish the next morning. It does not let the skin lose water overnight, thus making the user appear 10 times fresher and rejuvenated the next morning.
The Skin Story Daily Defence Age Serum - The Daily Skin Defence is known to reduce the ageing of skin and reverses appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, discolouration and many more signs of aging and helps get the firmer and healthier looking skin.


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