Empowering overseas professionals to prove their credibility and find employment BANGALORE, India, Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- RS Management Education and Training Services is a Filipino-owned company having operations in the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. The company aims to empower the next generation of skilled overseas Filipino workers by providing them with world-class consultancy training and certification services. "We have a long legacy of being at the forefront of taking professionals and their careers to the next level with our competency-based training curriculum," said Roque Senga at RS Management Education and Training Services. "We were looking for a way to present our learners in a better light and wanted our candidates to stand out from the crowd, having a better chance at landing a job."  To showcase students in a positive light, RS Management Education and Training Services chose Certif-ID. Through the Certif-ID platform, they are issuing verifiable digital certificates that convey the value of their training programs and graduates effectively. "RS Management Education and Training Services wanted to support graduates in finding employment. And Certif-ID did exactly this by enabling them to issue digital certificates on blockchain," said Michael Wild, Director, Certif-ID. "Their graduates can now confidently apply for jobs globally knowing that their digital certificates will act as proof of their skills." Highlights Improved Convenience The new automated blockchain-powered digital credentialing process is less time-consuming and more efficient as compared to our previous manual process. Immutable Certificates  Digital certificates issued through Certif-ID are secured on blockchain, eliminating any possibility of fraud or tampering; even when presented overseas. Transparent and Secure The digital certificates issued on blockchain are immediately verifiable, increasing the level of trust and credibility in our training programs and certification process. RS Management Education and Training Services issues digital certificates to graduates To make the transition from training to work smoother, RS Management Education and Training Services selected Certif-ID to issue unalterable digital certificates, secured on blockchain. The digital certificates can be shared and verified from anywhere in the world, on any device, by anyone having access to it.  Automating certification practices using blockchain makes the entire process of issuing, storing, distributing, and verifying digital certificates credible. It provides a cost and time-efficient way to manage student records and issue contactless course completion certificates directly to graduate's email addresses and digital wallets. "All digital certificates are traceable and cannot be duplicated or modified. Only RS Management Education and Training Services institute has full control to revoke, renew, reissue or cancel their certificates," said Michael Wild, Director, Certif-ID. "There is no room for any third party to make any alterations, RS Management and its graduates can be certain that their certificates will not be tampered with." RS Management Education and Training Services is saving time and effort involved in couriering physical paper certificates to the graduates. The digital certificates issued through Certif-ID in seconds, act as proof of skills that can be shared on social media platforms and with potential recruiters effortlessly.  "Issuing over 1000 blockchain-based digital certificates through Certif-ID, we believe that our graduates will be better positioned to find employment. And, that the hiring managers will be able to quickly trust the authenticity of our training programs and digital certificates without having to put much effort into certification checks," said Roque Senga at RS Management Education and Training Services. Embracing a future-forward approach to guarantee transparency Digital certificates backed by blockchain are the future. The distributed ledger nature of blockchain provides the ability to track every change or transaction performed. It allows instant verification. And a potential recruiter can click on the link or scan the QR code in a digital certificate and authenticate the information and source mentioned. "Blockchain verification is the ideal solution for qualification checks. And, it is a boon for genuinely qualified job seekers. It helps them showcase their qualifications and increases their chances of getting a job," said Michael Wild, Director, Certif-ID. "Potential recruiters can now keep away from pitfalls and hire credible skilled professionals from RS Management Education and Training Services." An added benefit of automating the certification process using Certif-ID is that it provides the administration team a clear picture of the number of enrollments they receive and the certificates that need to be issued - making the entire procedure, from the admissions to issuing certificates hassle-free. "Shifting to digital certificates is a great way to reinforce the legitimacy of our institute's credentials. It has transformed the brand image of your institute and boosted reputation," said Roque Senga at RS Management Education and Training Services. "Certif-ID has helped us achieve the status of a technology-led training center, attaching a sense of credibility to our name." About Certif-ID Certif-ID is a blockchain-powered global networking platform that connects training facilities and institutes, industry professionals, and recruiters. On the platform, training institutes can issue blockchain-powered certificates to simplify the process and ensure non-duplicity. Technical professionals can also use Certif-ID to build a SkillPass that helps them showcase their skills, build a digital portfolio, record video CVs, and share their certificates with potential employers. Certif-ID helps bridge the gap between education and employment while smoothing the recruitment process. Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1274361/Certif_ID_Logo.jpg   Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1610703/Certif_ID_RS_Management.jpg  

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