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The extremely talented Indian-Indonesian duo - Nikhita Venkatraman and Nishita Venkatraman, best known for their nursery rhymes are back with their newest number Momma Get Mad’. Featuring on the Le Moesiek Revole YouTube channel, the new hit has entered the million viewers club once again in no time!
Taking inspiration from the popular Indonesian song from the 90s by the late Papa T Bob, this rendition featured in English heroes the element of knowledge sharing in a fun and catchy way. The song narrates the tale of self-realisation for kids prompted by their parents to diligently study, attend school and succeed in life. The rhyme touches upon the beautiful relationship between grandparents and grandchild, and the cherished bond between the two of unmatchable love, affection, and immense joy. The video features Nikhita and Nishita’s parents in a cameo role with the girls seen dancing to the peppy tune.
Link to the song-Momma Get Mad:
True performers at heart with the joy and love of creating magic on screen, Nikhita and Nikhita continue to awe-inspire their followers, setting examples for the next generation. The wonder twins aged 6 years are taking the world of Youtube by a storm and gaining popularity for their sheer talent. They love playing piano and singing and have come together on Youtube to offer a mesmerizing compilation of lovely songs in their unique voices! The twins are the proud members of the million club of YouTube and have reached this milestone in no time. Fearless Nikhita Venkatraman has a very distinct voice for her age and enjoys performing before a large crowd whereas Nishita Venkatraman retains her baby voice that adds the warmth of childhood in all their videos. Right from their childhood, they have always strived to portray their unmatchable talent in music and performance. They really enjoy spending their time together drawing and painting along with various interesting activities like learning mathematics, dancing to a few famous Bollywood numbers, and have a keen interest in cooking. Owing to their Indian roots, Nikhita Venkatraman and Nishita Venkatraman have started learning Tamil and do have an inclination towards various Indian languages. With time they have developed a keen interest in learning the game of chess and are taking regular coaching from a well-renowned chess school owned by a Russian Grand Master.
The lovely melodious songs by the immensely talented twins can be heard on audio platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Joox, and Resso.


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