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Metacask (registered as CaskStore AG in Switzerland), a premier marketplace for the sale of whisky cask NFTs, has announced a partnership with renowned artist Trevor Jones to release its first NFT for auction, set for October 18-22: ‘The Angel’s Share’.


‘The Angel’s Share’ brings together two ultra-rare, highly-valuable works: a cask of 1991 Macallan whisky, with an estimated value of over $2 million, and an accompanying 1/1 digital painting from Jones, inspired by the cask, distillery and Scotland’s robust whisky heritage. The winning bidder will own the cask and the digital work, with the NFT serving as a digital title of deed for the cask, currently stored at the Macallan distillery in Scotland.


The $2+ million valuation far exceeds the current $573,000 (HK$4,464,000) record for a whisky cask sold at auction, set last month by another 1991 Macallan at Bonhams in Hong Kong.


Jones is one of the foremost NFT artists in the world. His total sales, by value, rank him among the top-five all time for any NFT artist.


Jones said: “As an artist, the opportunity to create an original piece for such a unique concept, linked to a name as prestigious as Macallan, was very exciting. NFTs are the future of digital ownership, but Metacask is taking this technological innovation to the next stage with regards to physical assets and investment. I’m thrilled to be a part of this pioneering venture.”


Metacask co-founder Nim Siriwardana said: “In bringing together Trevor and Macallan, two titans of their respective craft, we’ve curated a unique NFT that will appeal to two increasingly overlapping sets of investors. We’re making it easier than ever for digital asset investors to tap into their growing taste for fine whisky, while giving traditional buyers and brokers a modern mechanism for investment that solves long standing challenges around quality and provenance.”


Following the sale of ‘The Angel’s Share’, Metacask will begin its first series of whisky cask NFT auctions on its marketplace in early November. Pre-registration for these auctions will open October 25.


About Metacask


Metacask is the premier NFT marketplace for the sale of whisky casks. Developed by a team of highly-respected whisky brokers and digital asset technologists, the Metacask platform sets out to modernize the sale and ownership of whisky casks through the use of NFTs attached to the physical product. These NFTs serve as a form of digital title of deed, with complete transparency – not just in possession and provenance, but also for the purposes of price discovery.


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