Left-To-Right-Gopi Krishna Lakkepuram & Srikanth Tadaka, Co-Founder, ORDERLY

The highly efficient e-commerce SaaS solution will be offered free of cost for a limited period.

Orderly targets to onboard 2 million businesses by the end of 2022.

Actively in discussions with potential investors to secure USD 1.5 million in seed round for growth capital

Hyderabad, India, 6th September 2021: Hyderabad-based Social / Conversational commerce startup Hyperleap Software Technologies has launched “Orderly”, a unique e-commerce SaaS solution to help local merchants start their digital business in under 30 seconds alongside their offline business. Orderly offers its services in India presently, with plans to expand to the international markets.

The product’s unique benefits include list-based ordering, deep integration into WhatsApp messages, end-to-end order management, sharing simple catalogues without fixed pricing, and addressing various services that merchants want today, which current other ecommerce products do not offer.

Orderly is founded by Gopi Krishna Lakkepuram, an ISB Graduate, former Microsoft US employee, along with his long-time friend Srikanth Tadaka, a successful businessman. Before Orderly, Gopi Krishna founded Hyperleap Software Technologies providing strategy and technology consulting services to enterprises and other startups.

Orderly secured an undisclosed amount in funding in 2020 for product design and development and is now actively in discussions with potential investors to secure USD 1.5 million in seed round for growth capital. The funds raised will be used to ramp up marketing, operations and further extend the feature set for this flagship product. With a very busy pipeline for the next few months, and with targets to onboard 2 million businesses by the end of 2022, the startup is aggressively hiring to fulfil various technology and marketing roles in the company.

Announcing the launch of Orderly, Gopi Krishna Lakkepuram, Co-Founder, CEO & Head of Technology said “Before commercialising Orderly, we have piloted and refined various features of the product with a small, closed audience for over 3 months. Over 400 businesses have been using the app already, with more joining each day since the formal launch of the app. We are simply the best business companion app for WhatsApp that delivers a rich feature set with a focus on data privacy.”

“Furthermore, we are experimenting with various revenue models as our primary focus right now is growth. For a limited time, our product will be offered at no cost basis for the lifetime. Thereafter, for new signups we plan to have a yearly usage fee of INR 2000 per store without any additional commissions or charges”. Gopi added

Srikanth Tadaka, Co-founder, COO & Head of Marketing, Orderly, who hails from a business background says, “What we want to do is easy-commerce, not e-commerce. Merchants want more orders, and customers today find it easy to send their orders on WhatsApp, but as a merchant, managing and coordinating every order is just not scalable, and this is the problem we are solving which is critical for the success of e-business”.

The biggest value the merchant can derive out of our services is minimal time and effort to manage their online presence, get orders and enquiries from customers efficiently. Initially Orderly aims to tap and target small and medium businesses, and resellers, and later expand to new segments. Srikant added.

Tapping an untapped market opportunity: According to a December 2020 Sequoia-Bain report, in India Social / Conversational commerce is growing at a CAGR of 50-60% and from a USD 1.5-2Bn market into a USD 16-20Bn market by 2025. “Orderly” focus will be on these local stores that are constantly on the lookout for tools that can help them grow.

Making it simple for non-techie Merchants

Putting into practice more than a decade of developing enterprise and SaaS software at Microsoft in the Office 365 team and his learning experience at ISB, Gopi Krishna emphasizes that the toughest part is always to make it simple. He believes that digital transformation will come now all across the country from so many varieties of businesses and what we are witnessing now is only the tip of an iceberg.

“In my last role at Microsoft, I led the development for Outlook.com Premium, which helped SMBs upgrade from consumer email to one based on a custom domain. We had just one step where the user enters the email address they want, and we did everything for them, including buying the domain from GoDaddy in the backend and provisioning their new custom domain email accounts. That is exactly the kind of simple user experience that SMBs crave for.”

About competition, Srikanth states that their philosophy is to build based on customers and not competition. He adds that a lot of competitors are simply clones of each other and have feature wars without thinking about their long-term competitive advantage in this space, or a merchant’s retention of the product.

How to use Orderly

Orderly is simple: You log in with your mobile and create an online store in no time. A shareable business profile gets generated which the merchants can share with their customers. It is noteworthy, that, unlike other e-commerce startups, customers too can install the same Orderly app and place orders to their favourite stores on it via lists.

When orders are placed, customers send in an order message to merchants, from their WhatsApp to the merchant while allowing the merchant to manage the orders through a unique link. This preserves the personal touch while also helping the merchants manage their orders digitally - pricing, order status, payments, item changes, among other things.

Cataloging is different too

For merchants wanting to display catalogues, they can upload unlimited pictures and set a price range (optional). Customers can enquire about product availability and actual pricing directly to the merchant’s WhatsApp. It seems to open up the possibilities for bargaining on the price - something that regular e-commerce sites do not allow at the moment. Catalogues help local businesses who want to simply showcase their products without having to specify inventory levels or get into finer details.

To know more about orderly - https://www.orderly.so/


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