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Ever since the inception of elevators, it has been offering a first-class solution to make the user experience smoother and more convenient. Installed with highly efficient & warmer interfaces, elevators provide smart operations and comfortable rides. Elevators are designed to save time and add ease to our modern lifestyle and make the vertical journey of the mid-rise urban buildings more convenient and hassle- free.

Undoubtedly, the development of elevators has been an inspiring journey which has created many breakthroughs. Seeing its potential, a lot of global leaders have stepped forward to create and establish elevators and escalators, especially in India through their local partners and many of them have started their own operations in India.

One of the leading manufacturers of electrical and electronic products in the world, Mitsubishi Elevator India is in the same league, it offers multiple solutions for elevators and escalators in India. Since 1995, the company has been distributing elevators and escalators in India through its local partners. It was in 2015 when Mitsubishi Elevator India became a 100% subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Group, Japan and started its own operations in India by installing its products primarily in the premium segment.

To set a benchmark, Mitsubishi Electric has delivered the fastest high-speed elevators to the Shanghai Central Building in China and undertaken the installation of the fastest elevators at Ahuja tower, Mumbai India. It is committed to strengthening customer solutions in terms of everything including product specifications and technical requirements.

The globally renowned elevator technology by Mitsubishi Elevator India expanded its horizons by bringing a manufacturing facility in Vemagal, Kolar, near Bengaluru. This manufacturing facility produces world-class elevators in India, thereby ensuring the company’s commitment to offer the highest level of safety, quality & reliability in their elevators. As a part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the company has recently launched its latest series of elevators, known as NEXIEZ-LITE elevators. This latest contribution offers key components like traction machine and control system that are imported from their overseas factory in Japan and Thailand where the components quality level is the highest among all the Mitsubishi global factories.

Mitsubishi Elevator’s ‘Make in India’ initiative is constantly making efforts to expand and deliver the best in the market. This initiative by Mitsubishi Elevator India took a kickstart in 2016, and now the company has been expanding production and portfolio for the Indian market. There are a lot of benefits for assembling products in India including reduction of transportation costs. The A1-quality parts made in Thailand and Japan are obtained and manufactured from reliable suppliers, which guarantee the quality of the product. Mitsubishi Elevator India’s product durability/lifespan and safety levels are at the highest in the Vertical Transport Industry due to its strict and detailed quality management and service level of maintenance staff. Although, there is no third party’s involvement to assess the elevator quality in India. However, such surveys have been done in Hong Kong, where Mitsubishi Elevator’s quality levels are evaluated as No.1 among the competition for more than 5 years.

Mitsubishi Elevator’s Indian made elevator series, NEXIEZ-LITE (MR & MRL), adopts the same technology used in its products sold in Hong Kong and other countries.

There is no denying that Mitsubishi Elevator’s ‘Make in India’ program promises safety and reliability for society. It offers high quality products and assures that the customers who use Mitsubishi Elevators can be free from discomfort such as vibration/noise during lift operation, unsafe door operation, uneven levelling when the elevator stops, entrapment, etc. The company provides exceptional service as required for a comfortable and stress-free vertical transportation.

It also addresses concerns like long downtimes and minimizes complaints from passengers. As a matter of fact, the company uses originally developed and self-manufactured core components, passed through strict and detailed quality tests. Their best rail alignment and installation quality supports the elevator systems to the highest level

Conclusively, this ‘Make in India’ initiative by Mitsubishi Elevator India delivers safe, reliable and efficient solutions and brings real comfort without compromising its customer’s satisfaction.


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