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While the workforce largely continues to work and learn from home, one issue that has largely remained challenging across organizations is to efficiently leverage the power of collaboration and learning in teams. MakeMyLabs solves this problem for the industry by enabling ‘workspaces’ that allow the learners to work and collaborate on virtual labs environment.

Learning outcomes are maximized with a hands-on project-based component integrated with learning. Whether it is in the context of continuous learning or day-to-day work, working together on projects in cohorts enhances engagement, improves comprehension, and creates long-lasting learning. To let organizations, leverage cohort-based learning, MakeMyLabs introduced workspaces that let a set of users work on the same labs thereby giving them the freedom to collaborate even in the remote learning environment.

Organizations can create workspaces for their learners based on the learning paths, projects, or cohorts of the learners. These workspaces can be chosen from the hundreds of pre-configured labs available or can be fully customized based on the specific needs of the organization. Full control over allocating resources, assigning cohorts, and workspaces is given to the organization. In addition, as the project progresses, workspaces can be upgraded or downgraded as needed. This ensures optimal utilization of resources as well as a transparent overview of the progress of learners and usage of labs on workspaces.

Speaking about this interesting feature, MakeMyLabs Founder, Keshava Raju commented, “MakeMyLabs Workspaces simulate real-time work environments where learners can collaborate on projects together, only with many more enhanced features such as smart automation and ready-to-learn labs making the entire experience smoother. As learners work on labs with pre-defined configurations and virtual environment, it, in fact, ensures standard learning outcomes for all learners and prevents learning disruptions. MakeMyLabs continuously innovates and tries to solve the messy problems of the industry through its superior technology and cutting-edge features. Enabling organizations of the world – big and small, build and improve tech talent, we promise learning never stops with MakeMyLabs.”


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