Navia Life Care, one of the most trusted smart healthcare providers has recently rebranded its logo. Navia Life Care started building products for the healthcare ecosystem, and realized the clear gaps in it - the information flow is highly fractured leading to enormous inefficiencies for patients, providers (doctors), pharma, and insurers. 

As their thinking and understanding of the ecosystem evolved, they realized that whatever they have been doing over the years has introduced connectivity within the industry. Tools that supported patients for their entire lifecycle - appointment booking, in-clinic registration, queue management, multilingual digital prescriptions, easy engagement with the doctor, remote monitoring via devices and apps, all added up to build a truly "connected" ecosystem. Therefore, they decided to rebrand their logo.

The logo designates two pillars on each side of the motif - pointing to the ground exemplifies a “user-focused/ear-to-the-ground approach”, and the second pointing upwards signifies “cutting-edge technologies”. The yellow-colored dots are different ecosystem stakeholders who are now getting “connected” using Navia. 

The resulting "N" is representative of Navia's bridging of these seemingly disconnected entities to build a more functional healthcare ecosystem all over the world, where the flow of information is seamless, ensuring better outcomes for everyone involved.

Speaking about the same Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder of Navia Life Care said -
We decided it was time to recreate the logo around our mission of connecting the healthcare ecosystem by the use of cutting edge technologies, in order to achieve our objective of improving patient experience and outcomes.

The shift of rebranding the logo reflects a progressive movement. The rebrand represents the future of the company as it focuses on digitizing clinical work with AI and data analytics.

About Navia Life Care

Navia Life Care is a digital health company focusing on improved patient care, experience and communication. Navia’s solutions include a Smart EMR which is voice-enabled, along with handwriting recognition to digitize records, along with an AI-powered queue management system and an advanced data analytics and insights platform.


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