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Strategic marketing is one of the most powerful tools for attracting customers for any company or business in the present decade. Excellent Publicity has proved its merit in this job time and again. With more than 2000 satisfied clients and numerous awards in its bag, the company has come a long way to reach the pinnacle of fame and success.

The agency has earned a great reputation in advertising, having Fortune 100 companies as its clients. Starting in 2011, countless customers have been satisfied by helping them achieve their goals. The special attractions of their work include a hardworking and creative team and affordable prices for the target clients.

The company has ventured into every field of advertisements, including digital, radio, television, magazines, and various other mediums. Based in Gujarat, India, the agency has its reach in every major city across the country. Hence, wherever you are situated, you can access its reputed services anytime!

Golden Moments of the Journey

The ten-year journey has been glorious. There have been several memorable events in the process, like:

Excellent Publicity was awarded the “Mumbai City Icon Award 2018” due to its excellence in the field of branding and advertisement. The award was given by the honorable mayor of Mumbai, Vishwanath Mahadeshwar. 

The entire team was invited as guests on the popular show “Gujarat Rising”, as one of the best agencies in the field of advertising in India. It was a great honor because Gujarat’s famous personalities made appearances on the show.

They were honored with the “Top 100 Promising and Marketing Companies” for their extraordinary contribution in the field of advertisement and marketing. The event was held in Dubai back in 2020.

Zee awarded the company as one of the “Gujarat’s Young Achievers”. The best part about this was receiving the award from the honorable CM of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, and Deputy CM, Nithin Patel. It was a memorable instance for the agency!

Radio City 91.1 invited the team for a fun interview when the company was listed second on the list of top 5 emerging companies in all sectors.

All the moments mentioned above strengthened the ultimate vision of the agency, boosting them with new morale every time. It can be said for sure that the future holds many such excellent occasions for them!

Various Services Provided:

The Advertising industry is facing several concerning issues in the 21st industry. For example, the costs are rapidly increasing to match the competition in the market. Every business is expected to spend a great portion of its digital marketing and advertising sector investment. 

Ad blockers also lead to millions of losses and failure to spread the message. Today’s audience hardly wants to watch ads in their videos, often skipping them. Excellent has solutions to most of these concerns.

Product launches are necessary for giving the initial boost and spreading the Publicity. The company plans not a mere advertisement. The clients are surveyed for a better understanding of the market trends. In short, a strategy is developed for building a very strong brand for the product. 

Interactive and creative solutions are provided to the clients. The marketing campaigns are well-researched and discussed beforehand.

With the aid of a talented team, the clients receive every assistance required. Depending on the target segment and niche of the client, the unique solutions are crafted for the best yield.

The agency has already earned its reputation as a pioneer of change in the advertisement industry. Everyone is positive about the great work they are going to do in the upcoming days.


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