Internshala Trainings, the e-learning arm of Internshala, recently brought out the yearly ‘e-learning trends report’ highlighting the growing inclination of learners towards online learning. Observing a steep growth of 17x in enrollments over the past 6 years, from 2015-2021, the platform projects that there would be 1 million students registering for online trainings, in a year, by 2025. Interestingly, students’ participation in online trainings grew by 142% in the past one year alone, indicating how quality education and up-to-date teaching pedagogy is being preferred by learners and working professionals to upskill across India.

As per the report, increasing job prospects in the field of technology and online marketing led to the popularisation of trainings like programming with Python with 26% enrollments, and digital marketing and web development with 23% enrollments in each. Other trainings amongst the top 5 popular skills that students learnt in 2020-21 included AutoCAD and machine learning with 14% enrollments in each.

To focus on learning, avoid distraction, have access to additional information while learning simultaneously, and ensure timely completion and submission of assignments, 57% of the learners chose to study on a desktop or laptop while 43% study on their mobile devices. The report also suggests that 38% of the learners enrolled in an online training to get an internship or job opportunity and 37% of the learners wanted to learn a new skill. Getting a certificate, building their own project, and fulfilling college requirements were other major reasons why most of the learners chose online trainings.

Interestingly, learners' dedication towards timely completing the modules, assignments, quizzes, code challenges, and industrial projects is also growing leading to 69% of the learners successfully completing their trainings and attaining their learning objectives. Womens' participation in online courses was also predominantly evident with 44% enrollments in the popular courses.

Another major highlight of the report is that the highest number of enrollments were registered in online trainings from tier-3 city learners with 41% participation. This gives an insight into how learners from small towns are defying geographical boundaries, staying productive, and making the best use of resources available to them. 37% learners from tier-1 whereas only 23% learners from tier-2 cities chose online trainings to upskill. April to June is the most popular period when learners spend their time learning new skills through online trainings. Enrolments in May were the highest, 6.42 times the number in October, which highlights how learners focus on staying productive during the summer months.

Addressing the increasing popularity of online trainings among learners, Sarvesh Agrawal, the founder and CEO of Internshala Trainings said, “New-age job opportunities require young learners to hone and continue updating their skill-set for career progression. Young graduates and professionals prefer online trainings as these are affordable, short-termed, self-paced, practice-based, and ensure knowledge building anytime, anywhere.

“We are constantly striving to make a world-class product by introducing new beginner-level trainings, specialisation courses, engaging gamification elements, and advanced assessment techniques to make learning accessible to all and to provide the best services to our learners,” he added.

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