B2Brain, an early-stage B2B SaaS company empowers sales teams with contextual intelligence on their target accounts, minus any manual effort. Powered by AI, B2Brain scours the internet and automatically provides sales teams with relevant, personalized talking points for their pitches, all integrated within their CRM systems.

B2Brain is solving a major pain point of sales team members. Current sales tech stacks solve customer collaboration, internal communication, and sales enablement. Yet account research sticks out like a sore thumb. SDRs still spend a better part of their prospecting time, by researching on Google or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. They lose at least 1 week per month due to this manual effort.

With B2Brain, SDRs don't have to spend time gathering account-level insights. Sales teams gain 33% more selling time every month. Tight-knit integrations with leading CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, and Salesloft help sales teams realize the value of B2Brain for their business, within the first few hours of using it.

"B2Brain has completely transformed our research process and delivered amazing account insights that we use to build our pipeline. We love how their team is always willing to learn fast, solve a large problem for inside sales, and evolve with us." says one of B2Brain’s early customers, Augie Hoffmann, Head of Sales Development at FourKites, the #1 global supply chain visibility platform.

"Ideaspring is very excited to partner with B2Brain on their journey to become a universal account intelligence platform for inside sales teams. Today, B2B companies are targeting enterprise deals via inside sales, and B2Brain is solving a big pain point for these teams. This market has expanded multi-fold since the pandemic as sellers have largely gone remote. Sales reps need account-based intelligence in order to be more effective with customers. We were impressed with customer love for B2Brain, and look forward to partnering with them and helping them achieve their vision," says Naganand Doraswamy, Managing Partner, Ideaspring Capital.

“Sales tech stack is undergoing massive transformation. B2Brain is building a fantastic global business targeted at inside sales professionals, the fastest growing segment of B2B sales. Arka backs entrepreneurs who use deep technology to solve hard and impactful problems. We are thrilled to work with the tenacious and gritty team at B2Brain”, says Radhesh Kanumury, Managing Partner, Arka Venture Labs.

"We are stoked to see how quickly modern sales teams adopt B2Brain. Manual account research is still tedious, messy, and non-scalable. Traditional search engines like Google were not built for salespeople and hence are very limiting. With B2Brain, we want to shift the focus for SDRs and sales reps from mind-boggling account research to focusing on their pitch and talk track. With the fresh round of investment from Ideaspring, we plan to scale up our go to market and invest in making the platform more robust" adds Sridhar Ranganathan, CEO and Cofounder, B2Brain.

Sales teams can get started with B2Brain.com with a 14 days, 10 accounts free trial. The paid plans are convenient and aligned with the sales team objectives and budgets, making it a must-have in their tech stack.


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