Web browsers serve as the platform through which users from across the globe access the contents of the internet. As of March 2021, an estimated 51 Crore (5.1 billion) people used a browser, according to Internet World Stats.

As of June 2021, the Google Chrome browser accounted for around 65.32% of global market share for internet browsers. Apple’s Safari browser was the second most popular internet browser around the world, accounting for over 18% of market share. Apart from these two, no other browser controlled more than 5% of the overall market share.

We have shortlisted seven of the new-age browsers, that can be strong contenders to Chrome as a tool to access Internet. 

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is an answer to browser fans requesting a more robust, powerful browser. It features impressive customization and access to Chrome's vast library of extensions. Its a fast browser while being light on RAM consumption compared to other browsers.

Vivaldi’s latest update on desktop and notebooks lets you expand tab groups with Accordion Tabs and run browser commands in a sequence with a single shortcut.

Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner was also the co-founder of Opera, one of the earliest web browsers to have features like pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing. The level of customization and power-user features that set Opera apart are present today in Vivaldi as well, along with plenty more.

Vivaldi 2.0 is available for Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and Android devices.


  • Built-in Mail client
  • Mouse Gestures,
  • Tab Grouping
  • Screen Capture
  • Ad-blocker
  • Floating Side Panels
  • Resizable Split-Screen Tabs
  • Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Web Panel suggestions based on browsing history


SigmaOS is a new type of macOS browser made for work. It's as fast as Safari, and it's built around workspaces and multitasking. Like Slack, in SigmaOS, your browser activity is separated into workspaces - one workspace per project. This means your workspaces and pages are synced across your devices.

Besides, SigmaOS lets you log in to different accounts in your different workspaces. You can do so by clicking on the settings gear when creating a workspace and enabling "Separate Cookies".


  • Send webpages to colleagues & friends, directly into their browser
  • Split screen for multitasking
  • Syncing workspaces and pages across devices.

Sidekick Browser

Sidekick is a new browser based on Chromium. Designed to be the fastest online work experience, Sidekick's UX is built around the most popular web apps, supports multiple logins, and uses workspaces to keep tab clutter under control.

The browser has an AI-based tab suspender so that Sidekick uses the same amount of memory whether you have 10 open tabs or 100. It also saves memory by automatically suspending tabs that you don't need at the moment. The best thing about Sidekick is that it has built-in search bar with a single shortcut. With this, you can search across all your apps, tabs, and workspaces in seconds.

Sidekick’s also allows to let you work from inside apps that live in the browser, rather than scattered across multiple windows and tabs. Apps like Slack, Skype and WhatsApp can be pinned in the sidebar in a vertical stack where you can easily find and switch between them. It also has support for multiple logins, granular notification controls and the ability to search across all these third-party apps (it offers 'hundreds' currently but says users can add custom adds "which would function just like a bookmark") right from the browser.


  • AI Based Tab suspension
  • Improved RAM Management
  • Block data-grabbing ads


Bowser For Web Developers

Blisk is a Chromium-based browser for Web developers that enables features that your regular browser cannot. You can see how your website or application work on different display resolution, you can prototype, test your product and get notified if there is a bug to fix.

This browser enables to build your website on desktop and mobile simultaneously. It has set of preinstalled phones and tablets with specific screen resolution, pixel ratio, user agent and touch event support. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and even scroll position. Page auto-refresh feature enables to refresh pages automatically every time you modify the code. Developer tools now are available for both mobile and desktop simultaneously.


  • More than 50 devices integrated, including iOS, Android, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, Samsung Galaxy and more.
  • Place devices next to each other and compare the UI on mobile and desktop simultaneously
  • Built-in Error Monitor, to immediately detect issues (like JavaScript errors) when executing a new piece of code in Blisk. 
  • Screenshots or video recorder, with automatic upload to Blisk's secure cloud storage.
  • Launch Blisk from Command Prompt or Terminal.


The browser for designers and developers, Sizzy is to save time and increase the productivity of designers and developers. The browser allows to you to work on your website and instantly preview the changes on multiple devices at once. Sizzy simulates the viewport and user agent of each device, so the results should be the same as what you would see on a real device.

However, Sizzy cannot simulate different browser rendering engines, so there's a chance that there might be some minor differences when testing on a real device.


  • Simulates the device frame, the UI for the browser & OS
  • DevTools, it allow you to inspect multiple devices at once.
  • Debugging Panel - The tabbed panel docked on the right side in Sizzy browser. It contains a bunch of useful tabs with tools that will help you with debugging your website.
  • Customizable UI
  • A/B Testing
  • Universal Inspect Element which allows you to inspect all devices at once

Cake Browser

The world's first swipeable mobile web browser

Cake is a faster, more private mobile browser with free VPN. Cake skips over the search results list to take you straight to the content you want—then you simply swipe to see the next result.

With Cake, enter your search and then swipe through results from multiple online search services, videos, images and shopping. The browser has incorporated a fresh new approach to RSS that essentially allows you to follow your favorite sites and get the latest updates from them, whether they are blogs, news outlets or any other type of site that has an RSS feed.


  • Built-in Ads & Tracker blocking
  • Free VPN
  • Automatically informs websites you visit that you do not want to be tracked
  • Force websites to be loaded via HTTPS 


Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on the Chromium. Brave is a privacy-focused browser, which distinguishes itself from other browsers by automatically blocking online advertisements and website trackers in its default settings. It also provides users the choice to turn on optional ads that pay users for their attention in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) cryptocurrency.

Recently, Brave built its search engine out of Tailcat, which it acquired earlier this year from Germany's Hubert Burda Media. Tailcat was designed to deliver search results without logging user activity or creating profiles.


  • Ad blocking
  • Fingerprinting prevention*
  • Make a playlist in Brave browser
  • Brave Firewall + VPN
  • Earn Cryptocurrency (BAT) by viewing private ads


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