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WhiteHat Jr, a leading EdTech company known for delivering live one-on-one online classes in Coding, Math and Music, will be working with eminent technologist and Rolex award winner Sonam Wangchuk to inspire students to find solutions to real-world problems. As part of the association, WhiteHat Jr has interwoven Ladakh inspired real-life projects in its coding and math curriculum. 

The math curriculum has been enriched by adding a project on Ice Stupa, an artificial man-made water source invented by Soman Wangchuk, while the coding curriculum has a new addition in the form of a project on solar power. All WhiteHat Jr students will have access to these projects after completing 24 classes in math and coding. The projects have been customized for students across levels - from beginner to intermediate to advanced to pro - with the level of complexity increasing progressively with each level.

Sonam Wangchuk said that this engagement will be a part of his mission to support Indian brands.
WhiteHat Jr is a beautiful win-win model where children get much needed modern skills like coding and thousands of talented Indian women get dignified jobs from the comfort of their homes, while the nation gets much needed foreign reserves from their global operations. I have always been supporting Indian startups pro-bono through my social media handles and now with endorsements like this I hope to use 100% of the incomes to further support Education and Innovation among Indian youth.

Echoing the sentiment, Karan Bajaj, Founder and CEO, WhiteHat Jr, said, “Mr Sonam Wangchuk’s vision of a pedagogy based on creation versus instruction is in deep alignment with our purpose of making every child a creator versus a consumer of technology. By working on Mr. Wangchuk’s inspiring real-world application projects, children will feel empowered to use the concepts they’re learning in coding and math to the toughest of real-life problems.

WhiteHat Jr was launched with the singular mission of empowering kids to become creators versus consumers of technology. The company has channeled students’ natural creativity through an engaging curriculum and personalized, live teacher attention. WhiteHat Jr’s 11,000+ strong teacher workforce conducts thousands of LIVE Coding, Math and Music online classes every day on its proprietary platform. Cumulatively, the company has conducted more than 8.5 million classes to date.


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