From operations here on Earth to missions to the Moon and Mars, softwares are integral to all the mission & programs of US space agency NASA. The space agency's latest software catalog has hundreds of popular programs, as well as more than 180 new ones, all available for free download.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced in a press release that there are more than 800 pieces of software created by the organization that have helped operations both on Earth and on missions to the Moon and Mars.

NASA Administrator further said -
The good news is this technology is available to the public for free. The software suited for satellites, astronauts, engineers, and scientists as it is applied and adapted across industries and businesses is a testament to the extensive value NASA brings to the United States – and the world.
NASA cited few of these softwares such as -- TetrUSS, An Aircraft emissions contribute significantly to humanity's carbon footprint; WorldWind, that visualizes NASA data using a video game-like virtual globe of Earth, allowing users to zoom from satellite altitude down to any point on the planet's surface.

And, a tool to calculate a solar power system's size and power requirements using fuel cells, solar cells, and batteries. Another software Code to analyze solar aircraft concepts by evaluating flight worthiness and providing design feedback.

NASA is sharing the programs through its Technology Transfer program which is run by the Space Technology Mission Directorate. The 2021-22 NASA Software Catalog offers hundreds of new software programs you can download for free to use in a wide variety of technical applications.

The NASA software catalog features categories such as system testing, aeronautics, data and image processing, autonomous systems, and more.

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