OdinSchool is a part of GreyCampus, a global leader in career training. It aims to help people launch their careers in 6 months with online certified career programs led by industry experts.

Hyderabad, 28th July 2021: GreyCampus announces the launch of OdinSchool to help graduates and young professionals from India upskill themselves with industry-aligned programs at zero upfront investment. The new upskilling platform will help them launch, transform, and propel their careers in 6 months without having to incur any financial burden. Its unique Income Share Agreement (ISA) model allows learners to defer the payment of tuition fees and pay 10 percent of their CTC upon placement.

OdinSchool offers six-month-long Bootcamps in Data Science and Full Stack Development that will help young professionals and graduates acquire in-demand skills to advance their careers. The programs are led by industry veterans who also offer one-on-one mentorship sessions to candidates.

“At OdinSchool, we offer a job-aligned learning experience. The programs are designed to help our learners build and refine their skills in Data Science and Full Stack Development through hands-on learning, projects, and simulations. As a premium provider of career training programs, we are also committed to making our courses accessible to people of all socio-economic backgrounds. The ISA model is a student-friendly initiative that allows them to defer the payment of their tuition fee to post-placement. This is certainly a huge opportunity for all candidates who are looking to get ahead in their careers, irrespective of their economic status.”, said Vijay Pasupulati, CEO and Co-founder of GreyCampus.

An upskilling platform that invests in its students, OdinSchool’s Bootcamps come with career services that include workshops on workplace behavioural skills, live engagement with weekend classes, and complete placement assistance.

About OdinSchool

OdinSchool, a part of GreyCampus, is an upskilling platform that helps people launch their careers, particularly in Data Science and Full Stack Development.


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