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Considering the fact that the Indian Real Estate sector plays a major role in the nation’s economy and GDP, Asia One conducted a research to identify the top 50 movers of real estate industry in India and contributors to India’s economy and GDP.
Asia One List of Top 50 Real Estate Brands and Leaders 2020-21 by Wealth

Asia One List of Top 50 Real Estate Brands and Leaders 2020-21 by Wealth has been created on the basis of valuation of top real estate brands and leaders. Despite the fact that there might have been inadvertent omissions, the list is the most authentic one to identify India’s top real estate leaders and to measure their holdings’ value. The Listing comprises Pan India findings and regional findings. This press release covers the top real estate leaders of Hyderabad.


Hyderabad popularly known as ‘The City of Pearls’ and is today amongst the most preferred destinations for IT and Pharma Companies. Hyderabad has been experiencing tremendous growth in the Realty sector- both residential and commercial.
The first spot in Hyderabad’s realty sector has been occupied by Rameswar Rao Jupally, 65, of My Home Group who encompasses a wealth of INR 7,300 crores. Second and third spots taken by S. S. Reddy and CV Reddy of Aparna Constructions, with a wealth of INR 5,200 crores and INR 4,350 respectively. Followed by Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy with a wealth of INR 2,675 Crores. Fifth and Sixth spots taken by Manoj Namburu and Suneel Bommireddy of Alliance Group and Urbanrise, with a wealth of INR 2,175 crores and INR 2,150 respectively. The Top 6 Brands and Leaders of the Realty Sector in Hyderabad are as follows:
S.No Leader Name Company Name Designation Total Assets Value (in Crores INR) City
1 Rameswar Rao Jupally My Home Group Chairman 7,300 Hyderabad
2 S.S. Reddy Aparna Constructions and Estates Pvt. Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director 5,200 Hyderabad
3 C.V. Reddy Aparna Constructions and Estates Pvt. Ltd. Director 4,350 Hyderabad
4 Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy Ramky Infrastructure Ltd. Chairman 2,675 Hyderabad
5 Manoj Namburu Alliance Group and Urbanrise Chairman and Managing Director 2,175 Hyderabad
6 Suneel Bommireddy Alliance Group and Urbanrise Vice Chairman 2,150 Hyderabad
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