Tesla, the world's largest electric vehicle maker, is going to officially launch its first EV car in India very soon. Tesla is adding Hindi as one of the languages through which the car’s interface can be controlled.

Hindi is among five languages added to Tesla's infotainment UI.

According to a Twitter user who shared the images of the language updates, Tesla added these languages as part of its most recent software update and will be added to all its existing models. According to media reports, this will help Tesla to reach out more among such customers in India, where Hindi language is used a lot.

Moreover, a job was also posted for the role of "User Experience Localization Test Technician" in which one of the requirements mentions proficiency in Hindi, among other languages.

Apparently, the Hindi Tesla interface is in the beta phase of testing and will be rolled out in the next update. OTA updates are part of the Tesla UI. This will be an added impetus for Indian customers when the Tesla cars are available for sale here. Over-The-Air (OTA) technology means that the automaker can send out its latest updates (software improvement just like Android) to owners of the Model 3 (and other vehicles) through the vehicle's software that's already being used and an internet connection.

Recently, Tesla has written a letter to the Indian ministries demanding reduction of import taxes on electric vehicles. If the Government of India also reduces the import tax on electric vehicles following the company's advice, then this will drastically reduce the prices of electric vehicles and they will be available to Indians at an affordable price. At the same time, electric vehicles are being promoted continuously in India for the last several years, so it is possible that the government should consider Tesla.

Also, recently an Indian user asked Elon Musk over Twitter to start selling his cars in India as soon as possible. To which, Musk replied that his company wants to do so, but the import duty imposed in India is the highest in the world. Here the duty is also levied on eco-friendly cars like diesel and petrol cars. He expressed hope that at least the duty on electric cars in India will be temporarily reduced.

Let us tell you that Tesla is going to launch its electric car Model 3 first in India. It has been seen many times during testing on Indian roads. Multiple Tesla test cars have been spotted doing their rounds in Pune.

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