IT firm Tech Mahindra has partnered with StaTwig, a Hyderabad based IoT and Blockchain startup innovating cold-chain space, for global implementation of ‘Vaccine Ledger’ aimed at tracking every single covid vaccine and prevent waste.

Vaccine Ledger is an open source platform and designed to perform end-to-end traceability for vaccines in the global supply chain. For Vaccine Ledger, StaTwig has recently won joint 3rd prize in UK's The Trinity Challenge, a call to action for the world’s best and brightest minds to contribute ideas and innovations for world's health emergencies, with up to £6 Mn in awards for the best Solution Teams.

With this partnership, the companies aims to roll-out blockchain-based traceability solution for global vaccine supply chain transparency, predict and prevent failures in supply chains, including problems related to expired vaccines, stock out and counterfeiting.

Essentially, Vaccine Ledger platform uses blockchain technology and the Internet of Things in order to track the location and condition of vaccines as they pass through different touchpoints at places like airports and hospitals. Sensors monitor the temperature of the vaccine to see if it is about to be spoiled and users at touchpoints can send information about its condition too when they scan it.

The partnership will enable the two companies to establish a global consortium of vaccine researchers, governments, pharmaceutical firms, distributors, and healthcare workforce. StaTwig will tap Tech Mahindra’s expertise in sales, customer network, domain experience, balance sheet support, and the like.

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