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SpideyManage is certainly the new buzzword – given the dynamic benefits offered by this miraculously simple platform. It helps apartment owners or residents manage end-to-end task management through the click of a button, and previously complicated actions such as visitor’s entry at gate, payment of utility bills, installments, updating of records, and communication of messages can all be performed through helpful society tools. 
In the Covid times, NCR’s fastest-growing society gate management app SpideyManage is taking rapid strides in addressing gated societies’ concerns of safety and security. It has become necessary to ensure that gated societies remain safe, secure, facilities are availed, notices are shared, payments of invoices are made and security and safety of staff is managed remotely and electronically. SpideyManage manages all above and much more in a contactless fashion through web and mobile-based application. 
Bhakt Mohan Pun, a Delhi based start-up entrepreneur, bounced his thought of using smart device enabled application to manage societies effectively to his senior co-workers from the editorial and the IT department. He was already in touch with many Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) while running a hyper-local news website, The team came to know that many societies were facing difficulty in effectively and securely managing the day to day affairs of societies for daily notices, monthly meetings, cultural events, and getting local news that were not relevant to the mainstream media, getting miscellaneous contacts for daily needs, security alerts, high priority communication and many others which were also not conveyed properly and hitherto handled manually. 
After a series of brainstorming sessions, SpideyManage app gradually came up as a solution that successfully provides comfort to its users with easily understandable and essential functionalities. The app has recently started a special feature to monitor the real-time guard patrolling during the night shift. Furthermore, the add-on features like temperature check and other Covid compliances like masks for the visitors and attendants have helped society managers. It has also helped them better manage their society gates and ensure electronic check on whether visitors have adhered to the essential Covid protocol. The visitors check includes everyone from guests, house helps to delivery persons. 
SpideyManage is shortly updating its application to include voice command features for elderly and physically challenged users by integrating Alexa and Google assistant features that would be integrated with smartphones and other voice-enabled devices. While education and government services are all hopping onto the digital bandwagon, the housing societies have to take a lead in making their services safe, contactless and efficient. SpideyManage distinguishes itself through its safe, secure and independent utility app.
The app is now expanding to tier 2 cities and has already begun operating in Kanpur and Patna. The attendance management feature of daily household attendants has been typically a hit with users in smaller cities. The company intends to reach out to all Indian cities having high-rise societies and plans to sign up more than 1000 societies in the next two quarters of the current financial year. The user friendly and highly customisable interface and technology has made SpideyManage a favourite tool to satisfy the needs of gated societies. 
The future belongs to the Internet of Things (IoT) and tech-enabled platforms. While many other players in the space of society gate management later have diversified into online rental companies, online retail, e-commerce, SpideyManage is the only stand-alone player in this space as the utility ERP based iOS and Android application, providing gate management and other critical services using technology to resolve day-to-day society woes. 


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