The new company enables mid-to-large enterprises to leverage data faster and with greater ease

NEW YORK, July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fractal, (, a global provider of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics solutions to Fortune 500® companies, today announced the launch of Crux Intelligence, a new provider of comprehensive Augmented Analytics products. Crux Intelligence brings together machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technology to allow mid-to-large enterprise customers to easily uncover insights and derive business intelligence from their data. Crux Intelligence will be further powered by the roll-up of AI products and services recently acquired by Fractal.

In a data-driven economy, companies must compete not only on the depth and richness of their data intelligence, but the speed with which they can convert analysis into action. Crux Intelligence’s new suite of Augmented Analytics tools help businesses in logistics-heavy verticals like consumer-packaged goods, insurance, finance and retail to optimize for KPIs and proactively identify anomalies and bottlenecks.

“Given the speed and complexity of today’s data-driven economy, its essential that companies are able to predict changes within their business and understand the root cause of each change,” said Kathy Leake, CEO of Crux Intelligence. “Our new Augmented Analytics solutions make it easier and faster than ever for our business customers to gain immediate insights into their performance and develop an organization-wide culture of decision-making informed by data. With support from Fractal and with the addition of the AI driven assets we are assembling, Crux will be well positioned to deliver leading edge data analytics tools for years to come.”

Crux Intelligence dramatically simplifies the experience for business data analytics users, including revenue, innovation and information leaders, by providing automatic identification of changes within the company’s KPIs. The platform relies on machine learning and a smart semantic layer to study each individual user, delivering constant improvements through tailored insights. Crux Intelligence’s NLP/ NLQ capabilities allow customers to ask questions of their data in simple, understandable language, putting the power of data analysis in the hands of every user.

“We are thrilled to be an anchor launch partner of Crux Intelligence, “said Ganesh Sivakumar, Head of Data and Analytics at Reckitt (). “Crux provides our business leaders with a more intuitive and easier to use interface that lets them quickly identify and diagnose potential business issues. Crux’s cutting-edge AI provides insights that translate into real business savings and opportunities for us and we look forward to further scaling our partnership.”

“The combination of AI and BI is extremely powerful and well poised for take-off with our customer base. Given our recent M&A activity in this space, a roll up of key assets around Crux Intelligence makes strategic sense” said Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Vice Chairman at Fractal. “You can get personalized business insights in your hand, instantly through Crux Intelligence so it frees up your data science team to imagine the next big thing.”

Fractal has raised more than $300 million from private equity investors and has empowered 100+ Fortune 500 companies with its AI, data, and analytics-driven businesses. Fractal has been investing in incubating AI powered assets such as 1) Crux Intelligence as AI powered BI 2) assisting radiologists to make better diagnostic decisions, 3) to improve investment decisions, and 4) to find anomalies in high-velocity data. Fractal has more than 2,300 employees across 16 global locations, including the United States, UK, Ukraine, India, and Australia.

About Crux Intelligence

Crux Intelligence is a next generation business intelligence company that helps eliminate friction between business leaders and their data. By using a combination of cutting-edge AI, cloud-based engineering and slick, intuitive UI, Crux Intelligence proactively identifies and diagnoses insights from enterprise data – and pushes it to the right user, right on time. Crux Intelligence also provides a simple interface for non-technical users to get answers to their most pressing business questions.


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