Encouraging feedback received from key 3PL and e-commerce players

Hyderabad…July 29, 2021…Led by the global technology veterans and supported by international teams across the world, DAO EV Tech, a ‘Make in India’ dedicated smart electric mobility manufacturing start-up based out of Hyderabad has launched DAO ZOR integrated fleet partner program to transform Last Mile Delivery business to Electric Vehicles (EVs). DAO ZOR 405 is a first-of-its-kind specially designed electric vehicle for the delivery business in India. DAO EV Tech is bringing best practices not just in manufacturing but also in services and technology to customers in the Indian EV Industry. Please find more details on https://www.daoev.com

DAO EV Tech as an EV OEM has entered the Last Mile delivery industry by offering services, software and a specially designed delivery electric vehicle all bundled into one integrated solution called the DAO ZOR EV Integrated fleet Partner Program. DAO is leading this trend by offering an integrated service platform that enables the Delivery partner, OEM, 3PL & Delivery companies to come together using AI and IOT to make the eco system of the last mile delivery industry efficient and sustainable.

Mr. Maneesh Singh Vice President - Strategic Development, DAO EV Tech said, “Most of our customers and business associates in the logistics sector are having real difficulty in recruiting delivery partners. There seems to be an unexplainable shortage of delivery personnel in India across the major cities although we are one of the largest populated countries in the world, where every minute there are an estimated 30 people migrating into major cities.

We have been constantly working towards helping the last mile delivery industry to adopt EVs faster and in the right way. The DAO ZOR Integrated Fleet Partner Program is a culmination of our efforts to bridge this gap and fulfil the industry requirements in the fastest possible way. The underlying thought process has been revolving around utilising AI and IOT technology in EVs to change the last mile delivery business model fundamentally. It’s imperative that the cost sharing and financial modelling work in the eco-system between customers, OEMs and the service providers. Ultimately, we need to work alongside the government to help them achieve their goal of shifting to 100% EVs by 2025."

DAO EV Tech brings in 20 years of manufacturing excellence in the electric mobility sector delivering high quality and innovative products through the ‘Make in India’ initiative helping the world to get a step closer towards reliable, durable, affordable and sustainable means of transportation using EVs.

The DAO ZOR Integrated Fleet Partner Program brings about a paradigm shift on three levels: Firstly, it unchains the rider from the vehicle. In other words there is no need for a delivery partner to come to work with his vehicle. DAO will create the eco system that provides electric vehicles to the new city migrants. Secondly, the ecosystem will also provide investment opportunities to enable micro investor to build an EV fleet to tap the fast growing potential in last mile delivery industry.

The large e-commerce companies have seen immense growth post the pandemic (growth of 10 years accelerated to 8 weeks as quoted from a McKinsey Report) which came with immense pressure to deliver faster and retain delivery partners. These large E-Commerce companies are in the midst of looking for Electric Vehicles from the OEMs, delivery personnel from HR companies and Software from IT vendors. And lastly, DAO ZOR will fulfil this requirement by providing hi-tech designed EVs with smart solutions.

Maneesh Singh further added that, “DAO ZOR Integrated Partner Program has been tested by some of tier one 3PL companies and major e-commerce dominants with very encouraging feedback both on specially designed electric delivery vehicles made to carry a heavy payload with easy ride experience and its technology advanced software combined with unique services. DAO is currently inviting investors to tap the fast growing last mile delivery industry through its DAO Zor Fleet Partner Program and work together to transform Last Mile Delivery business to EV.”

The DAO ZOR Integrated Fleet Partner Program provides:

  • Specially designed vehicles for e-commerce delivery, which can hold up to 225 KG of payload weight with special side stand that hold the weight. These EVs can cover a daily average of 100kms on a single charge.
  • Software solution: DAO’s IOT protects the vehicle asset with remote vehicle disabling and tracking capabilities
  • DAO’s additional services include training and enabling city migrants with the right soft skills, providing accommodation and health care support.
  • For the 3PL investors, DAO will provide day-to-day management services and act as their agency for consolidation of orders and provide AI, IOT enabled cross platform vehicle deployment.
About DAO EV Tech

Dao EV Tech is a smart electric mobility manufacturing start-up based in Hyderabad aiming to deliver reliable, high quality and innovative products through the ‘Make in India’ initiative with a mission to mature the EV industry in India. It combines global expertise on two fronts, Services and Manufacturing to bring advanced technology and best practices to the EV industry.

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