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Classplus Presents Extra Class with Lara Dutta, one of the most hard-working actresses in the industry, who cemented her name not just as an entertainer, but an entrepreneur as well.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. One of the most hard-working actresses in the industry, Lara has cemented her name not just as an entertainer, but an entrepreneur as well.

After the success of Extra Class with Sourav Ganguly and Chetan Bhagat, Classplus is back with Extra Class 3.0 with former Miss Universe Lara Dutta! 
To be successful in this age, it takes more than sheer knowledge. It requires focused hard work in the right direction. Through Extra Class, Classplus wants to give the community of teachers and their students an opportunity to hear and learn from the expert - who is a live example of dreaming big, working towards her goals, manifesting them, and living up to all that she has achieved. 
In this Extra Class, she is going to share her personal experiences, challenges and insights. Amidst all the challenges that the education sector had to face, one thing that has worked in its favour is how digital intervention in recent times has opened doors to a million opportunities for everyone. 
To make these opportunities more accessible for teachers and their students, Classplus introduced Extra Class where teachers get a chance to interact with the experts directly in real-time and while honing their own skills they offer a wider perspective to their students, where everyone gets to learn beyond their classroom experience.

Register now for Classplus Extra Class with Lara Dutta and explore how one can materialize hard work to grow and transform.

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Date: 31st July at 12:30 PM
Venue: Live Stream on Classplus YouTube Channel 
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