Retail giant Walmart has announced that it will sell a more affordable, private-label version of insulin at its pharmacies by mid-July. The new private label ReliOn™ NovoLog® Insulin (insulin aspart) injection, manufactured by Novo Nordisk, is available in Walmart pharmacies and Sam’s Club pharmacies across the United States.

ReliOn™ NovoLog® is a rapid-acting insulin analog used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes.

NovoLog ReliOn Box and Vial

Notably, 25% of insulin users skip doses due to high prices and Walmart claims that its new offering ---analog insulin vials ($72.88) and FlexPen® ($85.88) --- will save customers1 between 58% to 75% off the cash price of branded analog insulin products, which translates to a savings of up to $101 per branded vial or $251 per package of branded FlexPens®. Walmart’s more affordable option could win new customers to its healthcare business.

And, of course customers will need a prescription in order to purchase the these insulin products.

Walmart has just begun to play a major role in affordable healthcare with plans to open 4,000 health clinics by 2029. Its prescription program offers a monthly supply of drugs for $4 to compete with Amazon Pharmacy. As more players like Walmart enter the retail healthcare space, increased competition could drive down the costs of generic medicine.

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