Amid Climate Change, Twitter has teamed up with Eric Holthaus, who is coined as "Rebel Nerd of Meteorology" by Rolling Stone magazine, and a total of 18 local meteorologist contributors to launch Tomorrow a local weather news service that uses all of the creator products Twitter has added. 
Twitter's VP of Product, Mike Park, told Axios, It's the largest collective of writers and experts we've launched with," Twitter's VP of product Mike Park tells Axios.

This new model of Twitter is the starting of investment in local collectives where audiences fund local writers and creators with low overhead. The model will help Twitter’s bottom line, which is great for the company since ad revenue has been stagnant. Park explained to Axios that "it will soon get to a place where video monetization is one among several revenue models on Twitter".

The Tomorrow website says --
The idea behind Tomorrow is simple: The weather affects everyone, and it’s something that brings us all together.
Twitter has long been the go-to platform for breaking news events, but weather events have become especially endemic to conversations on Twitter, given that the news changes so rapidly by the minute.

Currently 16 cities are being covered and more cities will be included in the future.


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