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Every one of us has wondered aloud or privately how they are going to get blockchain technology past the small crypto bubble and into the mainstream, regardless of which currency community it belongs to. To put it another way, how to get this technology out of the heads and into the hands of regular consumers like older people, teachers, or even the tech-savvy coworker who thinks Bitcoin is a failed project?
Yes, no other cryptocurrency is currently influencing the world now. The New Money initiative could be the solution. The project, which was founded by Highphill Mathews, an actor, and producer, aims to create an ecosystem of platforms around the digital currency in order to provide a viable alternative for mainstream and enthusiastic cryptocurrency users. Tetra Pay (TPAY) is the new smart money and new money for the real-world economy. The mainstream population spends $3 trillion each year. Furthermore, Millennials are the only generation actively looking for a substitute for the old banking system's high inefficiencies. That is why the initiative was established, according to the founder. To make the most of these facts.

"In the crypto-world, we appeal to the third and most essential leg of what the wider crypto community has yearned for since the inception of Bitcoin. A popular coin that appeals to today's mainstream customer right now. Ethereum completed the Turing complete leg, which Bitcoin failed to do. And this initiative will be the crowning achievement of Spotify in blockchain technology." says Highphill Mathews, CEO

Disrupting the Mainstream Utilities

If history is any guide, technology must cater to and give an exceptionally valuable answer to a specific demographic straight away in order to be widely adopted. To put it another way, usefulness. Tetra Pay (TPAY) is going to take a path less traversed by currency communities and will begin at a specific starting point. If done correctly, this beginning point has a lot of potential for mainstream customers. This is because Tetra Pay intends to enter the mainstream industry such as Finance, Forex Trading, E-commerce, Hospitality, Aviation, Real Estate, Recharge, Shopping Transportation, Online Casinos, OTT Platforms, Board Games, and Betting. Tetra Pay (TPAY) will not limit itself to these industries but will also foray into other industries.

Kickstarting Tetra Pay (TPAY)

Tetra Pay aims to weed out abnormalities and streamline the process of new-age currency. Tetra Pay (TPAY) will be partnering with fortune 500 companies, MNCs, nascent and growing start-ups, academies, technology vendors of the smart chain ecosystem. Tetra Pay (TPAY) offers transactions that are safe, secure, quick, and cost-effective with no chargebacks.
Tetra Pay (TPAY) Ecosystem
Tetra Pay uses Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and its BEP-20 protocol for its native token. TPAY's ecosystem includes cryptocurrency custodial services, Digital Finance, Foundation for Digital Innovation and Wildlife Protection, loyalty program, TPAY bank, TPAY remittance, and digital financial platform with ironclad security measures including fingerprints, Voice Recognition, and Facial ID.

Upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Tetra Pay aims to leave its footprint global for a promising future. Tetra Pay has partnered with LA Token, ProBit, BuyUCoin, Azbit, VinDax, Dex-Trade, Coinsbit, and Bankcex for initial exchange offering. According to ProBit exchange stands at number 24 in the world and number 5 in South Korea. TPAY is determined to take their prominence in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Currently, TPAY is running Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) at Bankcex, VinDax, ProBit, and LA Token. Spot trading to start on Friday, 16 July 2021 at 11:59 PM on all these exchanges. TPAY’s partner exchanges offer security, high liquidity & stability. Below mentioned is the schedule for the Initial Exchange Offering of Tetra Pay (TPAY).

IEO Starts on Bankcex

The first round of IEO was held between the 14th of June 2021 to 16th of June 2021 with a total token sale of 50,000,000 TPAY priced at $0.10. The second round was held between 19th June 2021 to 21st June 2021 with a total token sale of 50,000,000 TPAY at $0.20.

IEO Starts on VinDax

The IEO’s first round started on 22 June 2021 to 24 June 2021 with a total token sale of 50,000,000 TPAY at $0.30 while the second round will be starting from 26th June 2021 to 28th June 2021 with a total token sale of 50,000,000 TPAY at $0.40.

IEO Starts on LA TOKEN

The first round of the IEO started from 17 June 2021 and will run all the way through the 30th of June 2021 with a total token sale of 25,000,000 TPAY, priced at $0.25. And the second round will be starting from 1 July 2021 and will commence till 15 July 2021 with a total token sale of 25,000,000 TPAY priced at $0.35.

IEO Starts on ProBit

The first round started from 25th June 2021 and will last till 1st July 2021 with a total token sale of 40,000,000 TPAY, priced at $0.25. The second round is slated to begin from 2nd July 2021 to 8th July 2021 with a total token sale of 40,000,000 TPAY at $0.30. The final and the third round will start from 9th July 2021 to 14th July 2021 with a token sale of 30,000,000 TPAY, priced at $0.35.

"I believe that an IEO campaign is the best way to launch us into the mainstream and it will help us to reach out to the masses," says Highphill Mathews, CEO

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