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The Indian stock market has seen a massive rush in retail participants since the COVID19 outbreak. On one hand, people being locked down with more disposable income as well as free time to trade as most are working from home, allowed more and more retail investors to enter the capital markets.

On the other hand, loss of jobs, salary cuts, and the impact of the pandemic on livelihoods taught people the importance of financial planning and investments. According to Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) data, Indian investors opened a record 14.2 million new demat accounts in FY21, which is nearly three times the figure of 4.9 million accounts in the previous fiscal year of FY20.

Looking into this surge in the interest and participation of the retail investors in the stock market, Trade Brains, a leading Bangalore-based fintech startup, is betting on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investing among the retail investors. Their various products launched since the pandemic, including their exclusive stock analytics portal, aims to empower retail investors to make efficient stock research on their own by offering quality stock market quotes and fundamental analysis tools to these investors.

First coming on to the scene in 2017, Trade Brains originated as a financial education blog aiming to teach stock market investing and personal finance to DIY Investors. Today, the company has created various platforms for stock market investors including their financial literacy articles, Stock research portal, and Academy.

“Investors are getting intelligent every day. Instead of blindly relying on the stockbroker or research advisors to make their investment decisions, the current generation is taking charge in their hands and making their own decisions. Do-it-yourself investing has been getting a lot of momentum in recent years. Our aim at Trade Brains is to provide a one-stop solution to these DIY investors for all investment-related queries by providing a platform that contains information spanning from stock market education, equity research to portfolio analytics. We believe that modern investors are not dependent on fund managers and are capable enough to make smart decisions if they are provided with the right knowledge and research tools,” said Kritesh Abhishek, CEO, and Founder of Trade Brains.

If People look into the recent trends of the new market entrants, DIY investing seems to be an obvious choice. Most of these new retailers are opening their demat accounts with discount brokers who do not provide any stock tips or advisory services. Discount online brokerage firm Zerodha alone added 0.7 million new accounts between Jan to March 21.

Retail investors opening their accounts with these discount brokers have to learn DIY investing and do their independent stock research if they want to put their money in the market as they don’t get advisory services. Moreover, looking into the trend of the average age group of these new market participants, which is between 20–30 years, makes it easier for this age group to learn new concepts and gives them ample time to make mistakes and learn from them.

Speaking about the company, Kritesh Abhishek further said, “When I started Trade Brains in 2017 after quitting my full-time job, I fairly guessed that stock market participation in Indian markets will tend to rise in the upcoming years and DIY investing along with it. New investors simply cannot rely on their brokers for Buy or sell calls or pay hefty money to their investment advisors. Our platforms are designed with the aim to provide all the necessary tools and education to DIY investors to make independent stock investment decisions. From financial education Blogs to an investing academy to our stock research portal, we have grown significantly to help retail investors and we hope to continue this momentum. We are now focused on designing subsequently advanced stock analytics and research tools on our portal to further help DIY investors.”

Trade Brains is a fully bootstrapped fintech startup with a team of 18 members and gets over a million visitors per month on its various platforms. They aim to become an umbrella website for stock market enthusiasts by offering all the necessary tools and education to retail participants. Trade Brains Portal is the third investment-based venture launched by the company. The company created the Trade Brains Academy in 2018 that houses over 11,000 registered learners enrolled in various investing and trading courses offered by them. They also offer a stock market learning app for android users with over 50,000 downloads and very strong ratings of 4.6 on the google play store.

Trade Brains has now set its sight on expansion in the equity analysis segment targeting retail investors through its Stock Research Portal. They offer advanced fundamental stock research tools on its analytics platform like Stock Screener, stock comparison, portfolio analytics, backtesting, and other advanced tools that retail investors can use to make better investment decisions. 


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