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SpringCT, one of India’s leading collaboration technology companies has announced a variable compensation payout of up to 150% for its employees. The company with its dedicated efforts continues to record impressive growth even amid the pandemic. Despite being an extraordinarily challenging year, the company has consistently delivered high performance and profitability. With this gesture, SpringCT has expressed gratitude to its employees for their unwavering and unrelenting support.

Specializing in collaboration technology, along with IoT and digital security, SpringCT caters to industries such as Conferencing, Telehealth, FinTech, Education and Digital Security making them an expert tech partner for all their clients. Having worked with the world’s leading brands such as AT&T, Citrix Systems, Bosch, DolEx, and Quick Heal, and also with many startups, building high tech products, the company continues to rank among the best in the technology space.

SpringCT witnessed consistent and constant growth

The company experienced a phenomenal rise of 60% in revenue this F.Y. owing to niche verticals like unified communication, collaboration and telehealth. Apart from undergoing an exceptional revenue increase, the company has also expanded in terms of team strength by almost 36% during the same period.

Speaking on the occasion, Mohan Chaubal, Chief Executive Officer, SpringCT said, “The financial year ending on Mar 31, 2021 was a remarkable one for SpringCT. The trust of our customers and the dedication of our employees has helped us achieve outstanding results. I want to especially thank all our employees for their immense hard work and all our customers for their continued long-standing relationships. As an expression of appreciation, the management has decided to roll out an annual bonus to all the employees. As we march into a new financial year, we will continue with the same commitment and passion and reach newer heights of success.”

SpringCT believes that their employees are their biggest asset and as a token of appreciation for their continued support, they have initiated this bonus. They will be paying all the employees a minimum of 125% variable compensation for the year 2020- 2021. The company will also specially recognize the contribution of employees who have been with the organization for more than five years by offering higher VC payouts.

SpringCT and its journey

Just like the season of Spring, the company stands for a place for the birth of a new life, renewal, and growth. SpringCT focuses on developing new products and technologies that enable the growth of not just the company but all stakeholders. The organization believes in the progress of its entire community, which includes employees, owners, customers, suppliers and business partners.

As a company, they are passionate, ambitious and love new challenges. SpringCT’s strong commitment to excellence is what differentiates them from the rest. The company believes in a culture of collaboration and partnerships to achieve its goals. SpringCT focuses on creating a competitive and appealing work environment where every employee is inspired to give their best. With the various opportunities they provide, the company ensures that their employees feel motivated, engaged and driven to perform. Starting with a team of five dedicated engineers, today they are a family of 200+ members.

SpringCT and society

Being a socially responsible organization, SpringCT believes in making a difference to society and carries out many social-impact initiatives. The company contributes financially, through volunteering by their employees, as well as through the application of technology to improve lives. The company regularly partners with Rotary International to execute projects for the benefit of society.

During the pandemic, SpringCT has made contributions in enhancing healthcare infrastructure, providing food, medicines and other help to the people affected by the lockdown. It is working on spreading awareness about precautions to be taken in this scenario and is also planning to do a vaccination drive for its employees and their family members.

What the future holds for SpringCT?

From a mushrooming organization to a leader in the collaboration-tech space, SpringCT has gone through an enviable journey. The company consistently seeks to be at the forefront of innovation and by developing new and improved technology for its clients. Today, they have partnerships with Temasys, Vonage, Agora to deliver cutting-edge solutions in conferencing, telehealth, customer support, and field support, etc.

Akash Anchliya, Co-founder, SpringCT said, “The collaboration technology space offers a constantly growing landscape. Collaboration has applications in almost every industry, but only a few have adapted it effectively so far. Being a pioneer in the field, we are exploring some novel ideas with our customers and expanding quickly across industries.”

SpringCT’s ability to guide their customers in utilizing the emerging technology to develop new offerings, enhance existing products and services, address business challenges, or catch up with the competition quickly has created rapid growth opportunities for the company.

The company with its technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field has an optimistic outlook for the future. SpringCT is confident of achieving newer milestones and scaling up further. With renewed vigor, the company will continue to innovate and bring about technological transformation in the future.

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