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KLAY Preschools and Daycare, a leading provider of Early Childhood Care & Education, has announced the launch of Klaytopia today. Klaytopia is a complete preschool experience that packs the established preschool’s decade-rich experience in the form of a theme-based hands-on activity box, complete with virtual lessons and expert support. With a razor-sharp focus on making children not only school-ready, but importantly life-ready, the program caters to families with children aged between 2 and 6 years of age (toddlers, PreK, K1, and K2 levels). Klaytopia is available at an introductory price of INR 1999 per month.

With schools being shut down for early years learners indefinitely, the pandemic has spurred the rise of alternate, innovative methods of learning. Against this backdrop, KLAY began its academic year with a live, interactive online program built from scratch. The preschool followed it up with a unique in-person, at-home care and learning solution to serve parents’ unique needs. One year later, with the pandemic still disrupting the education sector, KLAY launches an opportunity for parents to be empowered to take control of their child’s learning needs at their homes, through Klaytopia.

AK Srikanth, CEO, KLAY Preschools and Daycare said, “We’ve been hearing of how millions of children across the world are at the risk of missing out on their schooling altogether due to the pandemic. Klaytopia is a big leap forward for us as educators in our commitment to make our world-class curriculum accessible and inclusive.

A great deal of thought and care has gone into converting our deep-rooted understanding of how children learn and making that a transformational experience for the entire family. The last one year has been phenomenal for us as a team - we’ve worked day and night to create high-quality proprietary online content that has proven effective with 4500+ children last year. This year we already have 2000+ enrolments for our online program and expect to see 4X growth in enrolments compared to last year. We also provided the services of our teachers and caregivers in the homes of 1000 families, in the in-person format. Riding on this success and our experience of actually implementing hands-on learning in physical classrooms before the pandemic, we’ve created a program that goes beyond merely ‘engaging’ the child and promises to be an unforgettable learning experience. To top it all, our deep engagement with our parent community will continue to be integrated seamlessly into this solution.”

Klaytopia is aligned to KLAY’s renowned curriculum which has sparked the joy of learning with 50,000+ children so far. The preschool’s pedagogy is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences proposed by Harvard psychologist Prof. Howard Gardner, where the child is allowed to learn the way they want to. The objective is to leverage upon and further develop the child’s dominant areas of intelligence and prepare the child to be a curious, confident, independent, and empathetic individual.

Klaytopia involves a total of 30 hours of constructive engagement per month and includes:

Hands-on learning box
A theme-based monthly box that contains age-wise, child-appropriate hands-on activities - puzzles, manipulatives, board games, worksheets, etc. - which are reusable to achieve diverse learning outcomes.

High-quality online content
Access to video lessons, proprietary content, and an exhaustive repository of worksheets that align with the theme and learning objective of the month’s box. The online content has been tried and tested in the last year and has helped achieve 100% of the learning outcomes that would otherwise be met in physical classrooms.

Comprehensive assessment mechanism
The same online platform comes with a robust and comprehensive assessment tool to evaluate the progress of the child’s development.

Curriculum and socio-emotional support
Access to curriculum experts and a child psychologist & family counsellor - this includes fortnightly sessions with KLAY’s early years experts to help parents navigate through the program and support them through their children’s learning journey and developmental milestones.

Preschool certification
On completion of 12 months of the program, the child is issued a preschool certification based upon the learning outcomes achieved.

Commenting on the launch, Sandeep Aneja, Founder & Managing Partner, Kaizenvest said, "The Early Years Education space has been the most innovative and resilient in the Indian education sector during the pandemic. Established preschools like KLAY, especially, are at a unique advantage (versus EdTech players) as they are naturally inclined to prioritize education first and then technology next in a suitable manner, instead of the other way round. With the child at the core of everything that KLAY does, the brand has pivoted to a hybrid delivery mode keeping in mind the unique needs of diverse families. Klaytopia as an offering is a great example of this, and I am excited by the limitless possibilities with this new program."

Klaytopia is available for immediate purchase; visit for more information.


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