The Indian wedding industry is one of the biggest wedding industries in the globe. Every year, more than 10 million weddings occur in India, making it a huge market to earn some money and an integral part of the country’s economy. A report by KPMG states that the current valuation of the wedding industry is more than $50 billion in India. Every industry around the globe sees the use of technology, and the wedding industry is no different. The wedding industry has adopted technology to simplify the entire process, from finding a soulmate to managing the wedding event.

Matchmaking Websites Are Disrupting The Traditional Matchmaking

One evident use of technology in the wedding industry is the bloom of many matchmaking websites. The matchmaking websites have organized the traditional way of matchmaking where the partners still indulge in an arranged marriage but with the help of technology., an Indian matrimonial website, saw a 35-40% surge in the consumer base during the lockdown last year. These websites provide users looking for a soulmate with all the details required to find the perfect match. Even these websites are expanding the usage of the technology to satisfy their customers further. For Instance, launched Weddings from Home, where they provided priests with online video conferencing for performing the wedding rituals. 

Finding Vendors For Wedding Via Apps

Apps like WedMeGood have made it easier to find different vendors for wedding events with just a click. It is now possible to find venues, photographers, makeup artists, bridal wear, groom wear, wedding planner and decors catering services, dance choreographer, jewellery and accessories and even priests online. The price for the same, inclusive of GST, can be checked right at the app for better financial management while planning the wedding. A wedding in general consists of many unorganized sectors; however, the introduction of apps and websites have created a one-stop solution for meeting all the wedding needs. Further, having all the vendors listed in one app makes it possible to ensure competitive pricing for the customers. 

e-Invitation Is The New Invitation

People are not environmentally conscious and planning a sustainable wedding is a new way of earning respect. Wedding invitations no longer consist of paper invitations considered old and harmful to the environment. Their printed counterparts are now being appreciated more for both their environment-friendly and pocket-friendly nature. Also, digital invitations are easy to share. 

Drone Technology Is Now Used To Capture Image

Weddings now use drones for capturing the precious moments of the event. Usage of drones is a sure shot use of technology for enhancing the wedding. It provides a non-intrusive way of capturing both images and videos while providing a large coverage area. Also, capturing candid moments using a drone is a lot easier than capturing them using a camera and asking the members to appear candid. 

3D Design Software To Visualize The Wedding

Previously, the bride and groom were provided with information to create a mental image of what their wedding would be like. However, with the introduction of 3D design software, it is now possible to actually see the venue layouts and design. Using a 3D design software, it is possible to get a 3D tour of the venues with the customers’ customization, making it easier to add and subtract elements to meet their personal taste.

Also, it is now possible to seek financial assistance for the wedding online like Shadi Anudhan to take care of the financial aspect of the wedding. With just a few clicks, the members can see if they are eligible for a wedding scheme and apply if they are eligible while tracking their application request online. Technological disruption in the wedding industry has resulted in a marriage between technology and tradition that too for the good. 

The new technology adoption is becoming a norm and soon, it will replace most of the traditional and manual elements of the wedding. Further, the infusion of technology in the wedding industry will help turn the industry’s disorganised sector into a more stable and organized sector, bringing convenience to the parties involved in the wedding.

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