For the ease of taxpayers, the Finance Ministry on Monday released a new portal of the Income Tax Department. This includes many new facilities for the taxpayers. Income Tax Department has introduced a new web site for income tax payers named . Earlier the address of the site was

The new portal has been designed with dedication, however, officials said that it may take some time for the website to be stable and taxpayers can easily take advantage of all its new features. prepared with. On its home page it is called e-filing 2.0. This is a completely new portal which makes e-filing easy for you. The objective of this portal is to provide a single window for Income Tax related services to the taxpayers and allied parties. The new portal went live from Monday. But the new tax payment system on this portal will start from June 18.

Let's know the special features of the new portal -
  • Refund will be issued soon - The processing of Income Tax Return (ITR) will be done immediately in the new portal and refund will also be issued to the taxpayers soon.
  • Pre-filled forms will be available - In this, necessary instructions for taxpayers and information about their pending cases will also be available. Also pre-filled forms (pre-filled forms) will also be available.
  • Software with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answers - Software has been integrated with Always Asked Questions (FAQs) answers to help taxpayers file ITR 1, ITR 4 (Online & Offline) and ITR 2 (Offline). The department has said in a statement issued in this regard that the facilities for ITR 3, 5, 6 and 7 will also be made available soon.
  • Call center also planned -- A new call center is also planned for taxpayer assistance for quick response to taxpayers queries and the portal will also have detailed FAQs, user manuals, video and chatbot/live agents.
  • Other facilities - The CBDT said that the facility of filing income tax forms, engaging tax professionals, responding to notices in faceless scrutiny or appeals will be available.


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