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UAE-based electronics retailer Jacky’s Electronics has launched a direct-to-home delivery service of oxygen converters to India, which helps COVID-19 patients those suffering from mild cases turning severe. 

Oxygen concentrators are devices that helps concentrate oxygen from the ambient air by removing nitrogen and delivering pure oxygen to individuals, whose blood oxygen levels (SpO2) readings drop below 93%.

Jacky’s Electronics, which also operates in Hong Kong for over 50 years, has launched an e-portal where interested buyers can purchase a 5-litre oxygen concentrator for UAE Dirham 3,669 (approx. INR ₹73,660) and send it directly to their loved ones in India.

Fortunately, since the Indian government has relaxed import duties on COVID-19 relief supplies, it has made shipping easy for the UAE firm. Moreover, transport of relief supplies is a priority for airlines flying to India as well.

Jack's Electronics has partnered with a few courier companies in Hong Kong and are facilitating direct-to-door deliveries to India, within at least 2-working days. This door delivery service was launched by Jacky’s on May 3 and till now it has facilitated the shipment of 1,000 units of the machines, including the ones supplied to NGOs and corporate houses. The company is receiving orders from Indians living across the world.

Ashish Panjabi, the chief operating officer (COO) of Jacky’s Business Solutions, told Khaleej Times --

The company was receiving scores of bulk requests from customers who want to send the supply to hospitals and NGOs in India. Over the past few days, the company began receiving several interests from individuals who want to give it to their families.

Besides its own residents, UAE has number of Indian expatriates and NRI residents, who have been trying to purchase these O2 concentrators aka "life-saving machines", as an insurance against a fight against a lethal Covid-19 wave in India.

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