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Amid the CoronaVirus Pandemic, in times of despair, a ray of hope strikes into a humble home at Thane district’s Diva area in Maharashtra. Rajkant Patil, a trader and small business owner was struggling to make ends meet for the past one year as his toys shop in Thane was shut due to nobody interested in spending money on toys any more. Making matters worse, Rajkant and members of his family turned covid positive, with Rajkant himself and 2 members getting hospitalised. Situation got bad when the family was unable to pay the bills and had to borrow money from friends.

But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way and bad times end for those, who do not stop trying. A TV ad with Actor Shruti Marathe got to hope for Rajkant when he saw it on a News channel and he immediately made the call that was to soon change his life. And it did, a single ticket that was home delivered to Rajkant, made him the winner of 5 crores, a figure he has never seen in his life and has changed the destiny not for him, but the entire family.

“I had contracted the virus and was actually admitted at a hospital for treatment. After recovering, when I returned home, I received a message from Dear Lotteries asking me to get in touch with them. For some reason, I was nervous and confused because I had been sick this whole time and I had no idea about what to expect. But when I called, they said ‘Hi Mr. Patil. You are at conference with 25 people from the team and we want to congratulate you for winning 5 crores’. Wow, those words still ring in my head and give me goosebumps.” Said an ecstatic Rajknat, on winning the Dear Lotteries Baisakhi Bumper 2021. He said that he will invest his winning amount further into his business, which was suffering tremendously for almost a year due to the pandemic, he wishes to expand it and do better for himself and his family.

In times like these, such as the pandemic, where people have lost jobs, had pay-cuts, it's hard to find hope and feel motivated. Dear Lotteries aims to give people a little something to look forward to and keep them going by entertaining them and in that process changing a few lives.

“Whenever someone travels from rags to riches in India, we generally attribute it to winning a lottery and more so, in times of the covid situation for over a year now, lottery has not only provided employment to lacs of people in India but people like Rajkant, have their faith restored by winning a fortune. The simple fact that we can help people achieve their goals, realise their dreams, we hope that we can continue to add value to many more lives like these," said Mr. Jose Charles Martin, Managing Director M&C


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