The Corona pandemic makes online presence and mobile phone apps inevitable for even small shop owners, workplaces, offices, and businesses that have to shift to WFH- work from home policy. Small businesses in India may use weekly, hourly, or monthly payments. Plus, they have to maintain accounts, calculate salary, maintain an attendance register, etc. These woes are solved in a jiffy by the online dukaan app.

What are the online dukaan app and its attendance register about?

The online dukaan app allows small businesses to go online, monitor the attendance register, maintain accounts, sell their services or products using their mobile phones, WhatsApp, etc., to showcase their product catalogue. Many such apps exist, and notable are apps like the Khatabook, Pagar Book, Dukaan, etc. These apps automate the entire business processes, take your business online, are safe, free generally, and secure, making small businesses more efficient, fast, and profitable.

Benefits of the online dukaan app

Some of the benefits of the online dukaan app are;
  • The online dukaan app provides an accurate attendance chart across unlimited teams; automatic attendance-based salary computation.
  • The automated timesheets of the attendance register make the HR department and the business more efficient, especially with enterprises having more than 20 employees and multiple locations. It also provides analysis and historical data features.
  • Monitoring WFH work hours, passcodes, slack integration, etc., of each employee and measuring their performance is a huge task when apps like WhatsApp may not be working due to connectivity issues.
  • Online applications also provide shift management features, easy-to-use dashboards, information on leaves, overtime, absences, sick leave, etc., at a glance.
  • Checking your employee's whereabouts, especially during WFH and across multiple locations, is a problematic area. Since the online dukaan app comes with GPS tracking software, this issue is also resolved quite easily.
  • It permits multiple users, geo-locations, an offline mode with online analysis and reporting capability.
  • Make your leave management process transparent and easy to use. The app can display the credited leaves and allows the HR persons to efficiently allow leave management to the employees while making it easier to integrate the attendance with other performance details and salary calculations.
  • It is compatible with Chrome, Windows, MAC, Android, and IOS. And can be used almost anywhere and across sectors like healthcare, food, hotels, real estate, manufacturing, education, businesses, offices, etc.
  • Compliance is now easy as many countries have now made WFH mandatory and hence software used for tracking needs to be compliant to handle new issues and MS integration.
  • Most important is that the attendance register is easy to use.


If you need to go online, have no technical expertise, use your mobile phone, accept digital payments, etc., then the online dukaan app is a big help. It also contains a biometric attendance register that solves salary calculations and helps improve your business.

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